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Identify applicants’ strengths

Select in, not out, when considering each candidate 

Teams don’t struggle just because of a skills gap. Sometimes it’s a personality gap. 

In a fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, someone who rigorously sticks to a plan can be viewed as a roadblock. On a team of thinkers who like to fully consider every option, a highly decisive person can seem pushy or overbearing. These can be troublesome for the team—or they can be just what the team needed. 

With Birkman, you’re able to put the right person on the right team and use individual personality differences to move the whole team forward.

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Determine cultural fit

Eliminate the guesswork in managing “cultural fit”

Every organization has a culture, whether they intentionally create it or not. It’s the company’s “personality,” or the way they do things and what they want to be known for. 

Birkman data helps leaders understand how the personality characteristics of applicants intersect with company culture, heading off potential issues that might lead to turnover. 

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Data insights for hiring

Balance your hunch with data-driven insights

Gut instinct can lead to great hires. But likeability doesn’t always translate to job success, so it’s important to lend objectivity to the talent selection process.

With Birkman’s comprehensive, scientifically valid data, insights and intuition come together to help you make the smartest hiring selections.

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Align talent with goals

Match the candidates you hire with the results your organization needs

Business planning is more than putting project initiatives on the calendar. It’s hiring the right people to help you bring those initiatives to life.

When you make Birkman a part of your talent selection and alignment strategy, you have the personality insights you need to consistently match every employee to the right role. When your talent is aligned, performance will shine.

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Talent Selection and Alignment Products

Birkman Signature Report

Examine key personality characteristics that influence how individual hires may impact team dynamics, and learn how diverse personalities can help form the strongest teams.

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Want to put the right person in the right seat? Turn to Birkman for the right solution.

Birkman provides insight into the personality components each applicant might bring to the team, giving leaders confidence in every hiring decision.

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"We’ve been using Birkman in the firm for over twelve years. Every new hire from the position of manager and above is required to complete a Birkman profile. The benefits the firm has received in terms of mentoring, coaching, and team building with Birkman has been tremendous."

Byron Hebert Chief Growth Officer, PKF

We deliver more than a prediction. We help leaders create the team of their dreams.

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Understand the unique workstyle of each applicant

We all have certain behaviors that are a part of how we get work done, and no two people work exactly the same. While humans are wired to connect through their similarities, it’s through their differences that they make the most valuable contributions in the workplace.

With Birkman, you'll learn the workstyles of each candidate so you can integrate them into the right role on the right team – the one that needs their strengths the most. 

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Discover what candidates need to be at the their best

Every person you interview has unspoken expectations for what their work environment will be like. And when organizations don’t meet these expectations, you can set the timer for turnover.

Birkman insights uncover what each candidate needs to be the most productive and the least stressed so you can determine if the role and culture is a fit for both of you.

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Learn which activities motivate applicants the most

When we get to do work we’re actually interested in, our energy levels soar. But being assigned too many tasks that don’t align with our interests leaves us mentally tired and unmotivated.

Recognizing which types of tasks energize individuals and which drain them helps hiring managers put candidates in roles where they’re most likely to be engaged and productive long-term.

From recent college graduates to seasoned executives, hire the right talent for every team.


You need the right people around you to create the culture you want and bring your organizational vision to life.

Birkman insights provide the data you need to form a well-balanced C-suite that combines a positive team dynamic with truly dynamic results.

Middle Managers

With multiple team leaders reporting up to you, you’re ultimately responsible for a significant amount of work – and some critical corporate KPIs.

When you add Birkman to your hiring efforts, you’ll always know you’re bringing the right strengths to your department. The result? You can focus more on leadership and less on execution with the confidence the work is being done right.

Human Resources

HR is like the pitcher on a baseball team – you’re involved in every single play when it comes to hiring. While others participate in the process, you own the process. And it’s not just a core job responsibility – it’s at the center of the organization’s success.

Birkman data can help you provide consistent guidance during talent selection, adding value to other organizational leaders as they look to add the right value to their teams.

Team Leaders

You’re often on the front lines of hiring decisions, with the best knowledge of team chemistry. And as the team leader, you’re one of the first ones affected when that chemistry is off.

By reviewing a candidate’s Birkman insights in consideration of your team’s current makeup, you’ll understand exactly how they can add to the team dynamic and help accelerate team performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

Is The Birkman Method reliable?

The Birkman Method assessment is accurate. The assessment's high test-retest reliability ensures consistent results over time, while its high internal consistency reliability reflects strong correlations among the assessment's questions, yielding reliable measurement of traits. These two types of reliability establish the assessment's overall accuracy and dependability.

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