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Data-driven insights

Use data-driven personality insights to create a focused talent development plan for each employee

Talent development is not one-size-fits-all. But often, organizations lack the data needed to step outside a cookie-cutter approach to moving employees up and across different roles.

Birkman uses personality measurements backed by 70 years of research to help leaders create a plan tailored for the intentional development of each unique employee.

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Effective communication

Help employees communicate better and rise faster

Effective communication is a soft skill required for success in today’s workplace. But everyone has a different way of communicating, and what works for some won't work for others.

Birkman helps employees understand how their communication style impacts those around them, and adapt to the various communication needs. The result? Communication becomes a bridge to career success, not a barrier. 

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Employee Interests

Increase engagement by helping employees discover their passions

Every person on your team has different interests. And when they’re able to get paid for work they’re good at and actually love to do, engagement and enthusiasm soar.

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Employee workstyles

Uncover every employee’s unique contribution to your organization

Every team member has a superpower. Birkman shows leaders how to align individual talent and organizational goals through the lens of personality.

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Talent Development Products

Birkman Signature

Focused on the personality attributes each employee brings to the workplace, Birkman Signature helps leaders discover the productive and unproductive behaviors that influence team member performance and advancement.

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"Every leader needs a coach and that coach should be using an assessment tool. Over my tenure, Birkman has been the assessment that has made all the difference for me and my team in moving the university to the next level."

Dr. Don Christian President & CEO, Concordia University

Help employees discover the path to career satisfaction and success

Birkman lets you create a clear plan for each employee’s professional development so they can stay focused, engaged, and committed to your organization.

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Talent Development Speed Bump

Birkman delivers a comprehensive blueprint for employee development

Core Strengths

Identifies the core strengths each employee can tap into

Every team member has key personality attributes they can harness to best perform their role and contribute to team success. Birkman helps you discover them.

Blind Spots

Sheds light on behavioral blind spots that could hold employees back

When personality strengths are overused, they become blind spots that can stall employee development.

Birkman shines a light on these behaviors and provides tips to control them so employees can chart a bright future for themselves.


Highlights what each employee needs from those around them to be at their best in the workplace

From the entry-level employee to the rising stars, we all have unspoken needs. Meeting these needs can be the difference between engaging an employee and encouraging them to head for the door.

Birkman identifies these silent expectations so employees can give voice to them and be a partner in creating their most productive work environment.


Pinpoints the activities that fuel employee motivation

Every team member is more energized when they’re able to spend time in the workplace doing things they’re passionate about. 

With Birkman insights, leaders know which tasks energize employees and which tasks drain them. When employees learn to seek out roles where their interests meet their work, they're more motivated and engaged.

Stress Burnout

Uncovers sources of stress that can lead to burnout

When workplace needs aren’t met, employees can slip into unproductive behaviors that hamper professional development.

Stress in the workplace can’t be avoided, but it can be managed. Birkman identifies the stress-induced, counterproductive behaviors of each employee and strategies for stopping them in their tracks.

Action Plan

Equips employees to create an intentional action plan for development

Insights are most useful when there’s a framework for forward momentum. 

Birkman helps employees turn personality insights into positive behavioral development with a step-by-step action plan template. The result? Employees who can take the most active role in their own development.


Provides access to a robust library of additional personality reports

Want to dig even deeper into an employee’s personality? From interpersonal relationship insights to management styles and coaching tips, Birkman’s reporting capabilities give organizations a variety of focused development tools for every team member. 

We help leaders chart the best development path for employees at all levels of the organization

Department Managers and Directors

Middle managers have a lot on their plates – budgets, deadlines, never-ending status updates. How can they carve out time to develop the unique talent of their direct reports?

Birkman provides all the tools managers and directors need to make talent development an important part of their daily routine without getting in the way of their daily work.

Team Leaders

These employees have shown they have what it takes to move up in the organization. But do they know how to be their best selves at work so they can best lead their team?

Give your individual contributors the leaders they need with Birkman insights, a detailed behavioral development plan, and additional reporting tailored to each leader.

Individual Contributors

Every employee has the potential to be an important part of your organization’s future. But they need guidance.

When team members understand their strengths and blind spots, they’re far ahead of the traditional development curve. Birkman can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

How does the assessment work with teams?

At Birkman, we believe in helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work. Our team building solutions include the following:

High-Performing Teams workshop provides a framework to help teams build purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, solving challenges such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, and misalignment in teams.

Birkman Signature is a report to create a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace, helping teams discover their Birkman behaviors, needs, colors, and symbols.

Birkman at Work toolkits are quick, brief workshops covering team needs, behaviors, and interests to promote better communication.

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Give your employees the developmental insights they need for organizational advancement

There are many paths to success in every organization. Birkman helps employees find the one that’s best suited to them.

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