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Turn a team that performs into a high-performing team

Most teams can get work done. But high-performing teams do it with excellence and precision.

Success looks different for each unique team depending on their function and purpose. Our High-Performing Teams Program helps every team draw the bullseye for exceptional performance so they can hit it every time..

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Find your team’s catalyst for collaboration

Every team member adds to the team through the lens of their personality. But how can leaders best bring these contributions together to help teams produce their best ideas?

With the High-Performing Teams Program, leaders help teams learn and leverage their collective strengths as a catalyst for meaningful collaboration.

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Ignite engagement and reduce turnover

Teams often face the same obstacles and challenges, causing frustration and lack of engagement among employees.

The High-Performing Teams Program helps leaders foster a connected team culture in which teams understand their role within the larger organizational picture. When employees find meaning in their work, they’re more engaged and less likely to jump ship.

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Embed the high-performance framework into team operations

Accountability and long-term integration are baked into our High-Performing Teams Program, meaning you’ll have an action plan for ensuring the knowledge and tools you develop become a part of your everyday work.

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Create an intentional framework for team engagement and performance

Take a look at the sample workbook information provided in the High-Performing Teams program to better understand how teams establish purpose, create clarity, and foster psychological safety using Birkman insights.

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Our turnkey coaching program creates a winning team culture through powerful data and personalized insights 

Defines High-Performance

High-performance is often painted in broad strokes. Our program puts a fine point on it.

By providing a deep dive into the core components every high-performing team needs, leaders understand just what it takes to build one.

When leaders create a connected team culture, clearly tie tasks to talent, and foster an environment where team members truly feel heard, they build the foundation for exceptional performance.

Provides Powerful Data

Driven by robust, scientifically valid data, our tools provide the concrete insights teams need to best understand themselves.

During the workshop, participants will compare their usual behaviors, workplace needs and stress behaviors, and career interests to those of the team. 

Through this process, teams understand the collective strengths, blind spots, and motivations that can either elevate or harm their performance.

Creates a Structured Framework

Ensure accountability and continued impact with additional resources and an action plan.

Learning doesn’t stop after the program. We believe in continuous improvement for development and encourage participants to turn their awareness into action.

The structured, easy-to-follow process helps teams resolve their issues, create an action plan, and hold themselves accountable to their plan. The process helps teams continuously improve outcomes.

The Proven Process That Increases Team Cohesion and Performance

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Setting the Stage: Team Preparation

This phase starts with a conversation between the team leader and facilitator, whether that’s an internal or external Birkman consultant, to discuss the program’s details, your expectations, and a baseline for measuring success. 

Once each team member has taken The Birkman Method assessment, the consultant will meet with each individual to review their work style to set the stage for the program.

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Building the Foundation: The Framework

This phase explores the core principles of a high-performing team: the three pillars of purpose, clarity, and psychological safety; strengths and overused strengths; team needs; and motivators. This can be accomplished in a single day-long session or four separate sessions, depending on the needs of your team.

A debrief between the team leader and consultant will determine the team’s next steps and action plan for integrating session learnings into team culture.

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Action Planning: Continuing the Momentum

Every 90 days, the consultant will meet with the team for a quarterly check-in to hold team members accountable to the action plan, continue to integrate the three pillars, and address any issues, key learnings, or changes that arise. 

To address team changes, such as new members, changes in priorities, or leadership, the team can participate in the quick, overview Team Evolution & Reevaluation workshop with new team data.

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Who Can Participate in the Turnkey Program?

Intact Teams (Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person)

Intact work teams – those who regularly work together as a unit – are more likely to deal with issues such as personality clashes, role confusion, and lack of productivity that impact collaboration.

Birkman’s team data brings awareness to the needs and interests of team members while creating alignment around the people, tasks, and goals of each intact team.

Project Teams (Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person)

Every member of a special project team comes to the table with the goal of bringing an initiative to life. But they need a plan for understanding how each team member will uniquely contribute to that collective result.

Birkman’s focus on clarity provides the framework teams need to define project roles and responsibilities, what success looks like, and the structure for accountability.

Cross-Functional Teams (Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person)

By their nature, cross-functional teams bring together employees with different specialties, skills, and experience. Executed well, the work of a cross-functional team delivers robust collaboration and innovation. But misalignment, lack of trust, and opposite workstyles have the potential to impede even the best team’s progress. 

Our High-Performing Teams Program creates common ground for cross-functional teams by helping them unite around a shared purpose, create role clarity, and develop a culture that encourages smart risk-taking. The result? A cross-functional team where individual work is always running in parallel with collective goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the High-Performing Teams Program delivered?

The High-Performing Teams Program can be delivered virtually or in person. The content within the program consists of 8 hours, which can be completed in one day or over the course of a few days, with pre-work as well as quarterly check-ins.

What are the differences between Birkman Signature and Birkman High-Performing Teams? How is it different from my team building workshop using the Birkman Signature Report?

Our program is designed to coach teams–to train them to develop healthy, productive behaviors that they can incorporate into their day-to-day flow of work. This coaching program is more than a one-off exercise or workshop and was created to optimize a team’s performance.

When used with teams, Birkman Signature increases self-awareness and the report is interpreted for greater understanding of self. The Birkman Signature Report does not provide data on the team’s strengths and overused strengths, needs, or motivational focus.

Do I need to be certified to use this team coaching program?

To facilitate the High-Performing Teams turnkey program, you must go through the training program. Within this program, you will learn the High-Performing Teams methodology, receive Birkman content that supports the program (such as the facilitator guide, presentations and worksheets), and facilitator tips and best practices.

How much does the High-Performing Teams Program cost?

The High-Performing Teams Program is an investment that works. But, it really depends on the size of your team, the time you can allocate, and if you want to use an internal or external facilitator. Talk to our team to find out what your investment would be.

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