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Create self-awareness

Helps leaders understand themselves so they can best guide others.

Leading people effectively requires an immense amount of self-awareness. After all, how can you lead a team to greatness if you’re not aware of your own blind spots?

Birkman helps leaders understand perceptions that shape their leadership style, strategies to best manage their own behaviors, and the best ways to create a trusting relationship with their team.

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Develop new leaders

Identify your high-potential employees. Then turn them into leaders.

Birkman helps you prepare your employees to switch from a technical role to a people-centered role focused on communicating ideas, motivating employees, and managing many different personalities.

When emerging leaders understand how diverse personality traits may impact the team dynamic, they’re able to turn individual differences into collective strengths that ignite team performance.

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Lead hybrid teams

Develop leaders who keep teams connected across locations

Whether teams are in the office full-time, operating remotely, or somewhere in between, the ability for leaders to establish meaningful connections plays a key role in team performance. 

Birkman helps leaders create a connected culture – up, down, and across the team – so employees stay united around a common purpose from any location they open their laptops.

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Manage workplace stress

Reduce turnover by coaching leaders on intentional stress management

Stress is what happens when our needs aren’t met. Burnout is what happens when we power through stress. And turnover? It’s what happens when you add the two together.

Birkman helps leaders reduce stress by using personality insights to proactively address employee needs, helping to head off stress before it starts.  But if employees do drift into stress behaviors, our coaching tools equip leaders to shift them back to a more productive frame of mind.

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Conflict resolution

Keep workplace conflict constructive

Constructive conflict and healthy disagreement are helpful for every team. But when team members have vastly different workstyles—and no way to resolve their differences—it can create a stressful or even toxic workplace.

Birkman gives leaders awareness of how differing workstyles might lead to unhealthy conflict that affects the team dynamic. Armed with data and tailored personality insights, leaders can help employees constructively assess a conflict and resolve it diplomatically. 

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Leadership Development Products

Birkman Signature Report

Through self-awareness, leaders can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others. The Signature Report helps leaders discover productive and unproductive behaviors that influence overall team performance.

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Get your leaders of tomorrow ready today

When you turn to Birkman for leadership development solutions, the future of your organization is in good hands.

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Leadership Development Speedbump

"It is a very reliable and eye-opening methodology that has and still is supporting us with tools to empower and develop our leaders. We use it to understand personal as well as team dynamics from Usual Behaviors, motivators, and preventative/prescriptive work around stress."

Marisse Farnos Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Houston Methodist

"It’s more powerful than the other tools I’ve encountered out there, with more robust validity. Women leaders, for instance, find it particularly helpful when they can talk about their expectations without sounding needy."

Robin Denise Johnson, Ph.D. Faculty Director of Executive Education and DEI Consultant, UCLA Anderson School of Management

"We’ve been using Birkman in the firm for over twelve years. Every new hire from the position of manager and above is required to complete a Birkman profile. The benefits the firm has received in terms of mentoring, coaching, and team building with Birkman has been tremendous."

Byron Hebert Chief Growth Officer, PKF

"Every leader needs a coach and that coach should be using an assessment tool. Over my tenure, Birkman has been the assessment that has made all the difference for me and my team in moving the university to the next level."

Dr. Don Christian President & CEO, Concordia University

Elevate your leaders so they can elevate your teams


Understand the impact you make to your organization

The impact of your mindset, behavior, and workstyles trickle down throughout the rest of the organization. Your focus should be on making a positive impact and creating a culture of continuous improvement. After all, you set the example for the entire organization.

By developing leaders through Birkman data, you equip them with the ability to guide members towards shared goals, navigate complex challenges, adjust their behaviors, and take accountability for their workstyles. 

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Uncover how your behavior drives your decision-making 

How do you lead? Do you make gut decisions, rely heavily on processes and data, or lean on talking things out with other people?

Birkman can help leaders understand their decision-making process, risk tolerance, and the role that their perspectives play in those decisions. The result is greater trust from team members – an important factor in effective collaboration and a team’s ability to be at its best.

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Aid in succession planning for high potentials

For the team members you foresee climbing the ladder in your organization, it’s important you start developing them before they’re leaders. 

Birkman can help you identify these high potential employees on a deeper level than just job experience by looking at their personality, behavioral perceptions, mindset, and motivation. This can determine who is best fit to lead.

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See yourself clearly through the lens of perception

Your behaviors as a leader probably differ from your team’s perceptions of your behavior. Learn the unique strengths you can tap into as a leader, as well as how your team may be impacted when those strengths are overused and become your blind spots.

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Provide more effective feedback to your team members

Teams deliver their best effort with real-time coaching, but every team member receives feedback differently depending on the delivery. 

By understanding your own communication style as well as the preferred communication style of individual employees, Birkman helps you tailor feedback in a way that energizes rather than discourages your team.

Drive performance at every leadership level


Even the most seasoned executives can improve themselves as leaders. When leaders are aware of their behaviors and how they impact the organization, they can be more effective at inspiring their teams, making decisions, and driving organizational success.

Through Birkman insights, leaders can adapt their behaviors to foster positive team dynamics and organizational growth. Watch the inspiration as it flows from the top throughout the entire organization.

Middle Managers

Managers are on the front lines of ensuring their team is performing as expected. As a leader, you’ll get the best from your teams when you work with them based on their unique preferences and workstyles.

Birkman teaches you how to tailor interactions with individual contributors to ensure high trust, more engagement, and less workplace stress.

Individual Contributors

Many organizations find that the best leaders come from within. If you’re looking for future leaders, you probably don’t have to look far. But every contributor needs guidance when they start their path to leadership.

That’s why it’s important to focus on developing leaders before you formally change their title. Birkman can help you develop the future leaders of your organization so when the time comes, they’re ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

What do the Birkman Colors mean?

Birkman outlines four unique archetypes. Red, or the Doer, represents a climate of action, energy, and practicality. Green, or the Communicator, represents socialization and responsiveness. Yellow, or the Analyzer, represents planning, fairness, and objectivity. Blue, or the Thinker, represents reflection, sensing, and expression. Each Birkman Color represents a different climate of personality.

How much does it cost?

We're really about finding the right solution for you and your needs, so the answer varies for each organization, practice, and person. Connect with us to see how Birkman can help you and if we're a good fit.

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