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Communicate better

Avoid roadblocks caused by miscommunication

According to a 2023 study, poor communication costs U.S. businesses an estimated $1.2 trillion annually from losses in productivity, duplicate work efforts, and increases in turnover. With so much on the line, it’s important to make sure your teams are communicating effectively.

Birkman helps teams understand their different communication styles and how to bridge the gap between these styles so they can stay aligned and on track.

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Collaborate more effectively

Turn frustration to collaboration

Meaningful team collaboration unlocks the innovation that propels your organization forward, but can be stalled by frustration around unclear direction or expectations. 

Birkman helps teams collaborate more effectively by creating a shared sense of purpose and ensuring clarity in every stage of the project lifecycle.

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Encourage team transparency

With all their cards on the table, teams always win

Effective teams require connected people. Without meaningful connections, people are less likely to speak up, less likely to take risks, and less likely to raise important issues.

Birkman clears the path for robust innovation by creating a team culture grounded in psychological safety. When no team members are silenced, the sound of team success can be heard.

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Foster engagement on your team

Ignite team engagement to drive performance and do better work

An engaged team is an effective team, and you want your team to stay engaged. You want your team to bring their best ideas and challenge each other in a healthy and productive way.

Birkman helps teams do just that. By giving insights into team dynamics and personal workstyle preferences, Birkman is able to help team members be their most effective selves—improving engagement and keeping teams stable.

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Connect teams through purpose

Unify your team behind a shared mission

A healthy team has a shared sense of purpose. They know how to celebrate wins and help each other during challenging situations.

Birkman helps your team understand how each member contributes to team chemistry through their unique strengths, motivations, and needs. And when teams use these insights to act with intention, they begin to understand the true power of “we.”

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Team Performance Products

High-Performing Teams Program

Get your team on the same page and growing in the same direction with our 90-day team performance program.

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Birkman Signature

Understand what helps each team member reach their highest level of productivity with the least amount of stress.

Birkman Signature The Birkman Method Certification

Better team collaboration and performance is within reach

Birkman helps clear obstacles to performance through the power of unique personality insights.

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Team Performance Speed Bump

"It is a very reliable and eye-opening methodology that has and still is supporting us with tools to empower and develop our leaders. We use it to understand personal as well as team dynamics from Usual Behaviors, motivators, and preventative/prescriptive work around stress."

Marisse Farnos Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Houston Methodist

"A data-driven workplace assessment that enables people to identify and discard long-held negative assumptions about job and career success. It also provides a lens through which managers and supervisors can challenge stereotypes about who can or can’t add value to a team or an organization."

Price M. Cobbs, Pacific Management Solutions President and CEO

"We’ve found The Birkman Method to be an invaluable tool to help teams resolve internal conflicts, and to allow individuals to identify their own communication style and work through how they work best with others."

Pablo Cruz, NASA Deputy Manager of HR Development Office

Birkman helps teams of all sizes do their best work

Executive Teams

Executives lead by example—whether it’s intentional or not—and the example you set resonates throughout your company culture. 

Birkman can help you set the right example for your teams by giving you the tools to create clarity, remove obstacles, and boldly communicate the vision of the company.

Team Leaders and Managers

Marketing or operations; accounting or IT. All teams have a dynamic, and you want it to be a healthy one. 

Birkman helps team leaders make sure they’re getting the most from their team and fostering the environment each member needs for success.

Cross-Functional Teams

Communicate with clarity, level set expectations, and speak the same language to lead to better team dynamics and performance.

Birkman helps cross-functional teams collaborate more effectively with each other when coming together to work on a project or task.

Individual Contributors

All team members have needs that allow them to do their best work and strengths that help them uniquely contribute to the team’s purpose.

Birkman provides insights into how each employee's behaviors influence team performance through their distinct personality traits.

Organizational Consultants

Human behavior is very complex. That means you need valid and reliable data to discover and solve your clients' challenges.

Birkman serves as a tool for executive coaches, management consultants, and career advisors to improve their ability to connect and understand behaviors to drive results for clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the assessment work with teams?

At Birkman, we believe in helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work. Our team building solutions include the following:

High-Performing Teams workshop provides a framework to help teams build purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, solving challenges such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, and misalignment in teams.

Birkman Signature is a report to create a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace, helping teams discover their Birkman behaviors, needs, colors, and symbols.

Birkman at Work toolkits are quick, brief workshops covering team needs, behaviors, and interests to promote better communication.

Find the best solution for your team and schedule a call with Sales.

What makes the Birkman Signature Report effective for coaching?

With the in-depth data you receive in the report, you can unlock an employee’s perception and behavior to develop their talent, achieve results, and drive better work. 

This tool is ideal for coaching as it creates a foundation for self-awareness, helping an individual understand their strengths and what they need to succeed.

Some of the world’s most innovative organizations trust Birkman to drive their team performance. 

Your team's transformation begins with Birkman

Through effective communication and meaningful collaboration, Birkman helps companies create a connected culture to drive team performance.

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