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Talent Selection and Alignment

Hire with confidence

Our data lends objectivity and consistency to your hiring practices, giving you a full picture of candidates and how they fit within the team and organization.

And with Birkman’s unique personality insights, you won’t have to screen candidates out based on predictions. You can consider every applicant based on the unique contribution their personality will bring to your team.

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Talent Development

Empower employee growth

Every good leader wants to discover each employee’s full potential and how to help them reach it. 

The Birkman Signature Report provides data on key personality components that shape the best workplace environment for each employee. With these insights, leaders can create individualized development paths while providing employees with the tools they need to prepare for future leadership roles.

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Team Performance

Foster meaningful collaboration

Each employee can contribute to team success through their unique personality traits. But unless leaders understand and help employees tap into these diverse strengths, team performance suffers. 

Birkman Signature equips teams to leverage one another’s strengths, maximize collaboration, and do better work. Rather than being a source of conflict, personality differences become a springboard for team success.

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Leadership Development

Build better leaders

Leadership styles are not one-size-fits-all.  Behavioral tendencies that enhance the performance of one employee can be a source of frustration for others.

When leaders understand their strengths and blind spots, they can lean into productive behaviors that reinforce employee engagement and be the coach their team needs.

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Ready to dive into the in-depth data 

The Birkman Signature Report has to offer? 

Use the sample report to understand the diverse insights you and your team can learn about each other.

Download the sample report
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Birkman Signature helps employees understand the power of personality in team success.

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Creates a common language for teams to discuss personality

With Birkman Signature, there are no “good” or “bad” personality traits – just different ways of seeing the world.

When employees are able to discuss personality similarities and differences using neutral terms, they’re able to communicate better and reduce conflict.


Helps leaders tap into what motivate employees most

Humans naturally gravitate to activities they like doing. When team members are able to work within their areas of interest, they are more motivated and energized.

Discover what your employees find most interesting with Birkman Signature.

Birkman icons Unique Strength

Reveals each employee’s unique strengths

Personalities are complex, and every team member is different. But they each have personality traits that can help the team succeed. 

Birkman Signature dives into these strengths to help leaders understand the unique contribution each employee is capable of.

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Uncovers what every employee needs to be at their best

Needs are an important part of relationships, and the employee-employer relationship is no different. When employees’ needs are not met, they become a flight risk.

Birkman Signature helps leaders understand what each employee needs to head off stress and  be their most productive, best selves in the workplace.

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Shows leaders what stress behavior looks like for everyone on their team

Employees under stress cannot perform at their best. This can lead to conflict, burnout, and team fragmentation.

By outlining the unproductive behaviors of employees, Birkman Signature helps leaders recognize when employees are stressed and work to get them back into their behavioral sweet spot.

Insights on Key Behavioral Components that Impact Employee Engagement and Team Chemistry

Social Energy

Social Energy

Group activity is key for some employees to feel connected. For others, it’s a source of stress.

When leaders know how much group time their teams are comfortable with, they can keep teams connected while avoiding individual social overload.

Physical Energy

Physical Energy

Teams need thinkers and teams need doers. Find out your team’s natural preferences for action.

We all know the employee who loves to take action quickly so they can check items off their list. Others prefer a more paced approach.

When employees can take action at a preferred pace, they perform better.

Emotional Energy

Emotional Energy

There are facts and there are feelings. Some teams need room for both.

An employee’s bias for separating issues and emotions can help them connect with some colleagues but alienate them from others.

Leaders who know how much space employees prefer for emotional expression are able to give employees an outlet or just stick to the facts. Either way, they’re meeting a critical workplace need.

Self Consciousness


Different communication styles often create conflict. Learn which style your employees need.

Do your employees like direct communication that gets to the point? Or do they prefer a more tactful approach? 

Knowing the answer can be the difference between healthy team engagement and unhealthy team conflict.



Openly sharing opinions is natural for some, but doesn’t come easily to all employees.

Do your team members tend to speak up or stand down? Managing these tendencies helps leaders limit verbal domination that stifles idea sharing.



Change is constant. But it can either motivate or frustrate your team members. 

A process for everything may help teams succeed, but can put engagement at risk for employees who prefer a more flexible plan. Birkman Signature helps you discover what your team needs.



Show recognition to employees in the way they appreciate it most.

From a simple “thank you” to a year-end bonus, every employee has a different preference for recognition. With Birkman Signature, you’ll know what your employees respond to the best.



Discover your employee’s preferences for varied activities versus dedicated focus time.

Do your team members love to move from one task to another? Or do they prefer fewer interruptions? Help them understand their most productive style.



Thinking and deciding are activities every employee must do. Discover what they gravitate to.

With every decision comes consequences. Understand each employee’s natural style for acting quickly or thinking carefully, and the unproductive behaviors that can result if they’re forced outside of their comfort zone.

Birkman Signature Helps Employees and Leaders Across Your Organization

Individual Contributors

We provide individual contributors with the knowledge they need to be confident, accountable, and emotionally intelligent.

And since they have a common language to discuss behaviors with leaders and colleagues, they’re better equipped to share their workplace needs.

Team Leaders

We give team leaders the opportunity to understand their own behaviors and the behaviors of their team. 

By piecing together the personality puzzle, Birkman Signature provides leaders the tools they need to coach, motivate, and align their teams.

Department Managers and Directors

Leading multiple teams is tough. We help leaders identify the unique strengths they contribute to team success, and guidance on natural tendencies that may be counterproductive.

But leaders have needs, too. We help you understand them so you can best serve your team by managing your own stress.

C-Suite Leaders

We help executives understand how their approach to the world impacts their teams, critical business decisions, and the everyday experience of those around them.

When executives recognize what behaviors serve them well and which may be frustrating to others, they’re able to help create an organizational culture that drives high performance and elevated employee engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to go through certification to use the Signature Report?

The information in the Birkman Signature Report is too robust and necessitates a conversation about the scales reflected and what the implications of their scores mean for them. It is not self-interpretive.

It sets the person up to have misconceptions rather than the meaningful experience it is designed to be. Because of this, you must go through Birkman Signature Certification to learn the Birkman concepts and how to lead a conversation with others.

What makes the Birkman Signature Report effective for coaching?

With the in-depth data you receive in the report, you can unlock an employee’s perception and behavior to develop their talent, achieve results, and drive better work. 

This tool is ideal for coaching as it creates a foundation for self-awareness, helping an individual understand their strengths and what they need to succeed.

How much is the Birkman Signature Report?

The Signature Report can be obtained many ways, including through our Birkman sales team and Birkman Signature Certification or through a Birkman Certified Professional. 

To find out pricing, please reach out to our team.

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