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Design a blueprint for constructive communication

Trust is key to team harmony. And it's often won and lost in one area - communication. When team members aren't able to effectively communicate with each other, they can't work together to agree on expectations and accomplish team goals. 

Birkman helps teams understand each other's preferred communication style, opening the door to constructive dialogue and healthy conflict. The result? Improved problem-solving and accelerated innovation. 

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Help leaders understand their team's workplace needs and stress triggers

It's easy to see how employees show up in the workplace, but much more difficult to understand the hidden needs that drive that behavior and factor into productivity and job satisfaction. 

Like any relationship, the employee-employer relationship suffers when needs are not met. But how can leaders meet unspoken employee needs and make intentional efforts to minimize workplace stress? 

The missing puzzle piece of employee workplace needs is uncovered with Birkman, allowing leaders to intentionally create a culture in which each employee can be most productive. 

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Prepare teams to engage in healthy conflict

Conflict is a natural part of the collaborative process but can be a significant obstacle to innovation and project management if managed ineffectively.

When team members have a greater awareness of personality differences that can cause conflict within the team, they can learn to engage in the healthy conflict that leaves everyone feeling respected and heard in the face of disagreement.

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Develop appreciation of diverse personalities

A personality is like a fingerprint – no two are exactly the same. This means leaders will never manage two identical people, and team members are always adapting to personality traits different than their own. 

These personality differences are often a source of division for teams. But what would happen if teams learned to harness and appreciate these differences for the unique impacts they make on collective goals? Birkman makes it possible.

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Create a more collaborative workplace

For most teams, effective collaboration can mean the difference between success and failure. Birkman helps companies and teams collaborate more effectively by creating a shared purpose, ensuring clarity throughout the team, and fostering a culture of psychological safety.

The result? Less confusion and more connection. 

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Understand what motivates your team to do their best work

Is your sales leader a mentor or a closer? Is that star engineer being overmanaged or given the freedom to do the job? 

With Birkman, you know which behaviors and environments motivate your team and which cause them stress. Birkman can help make certain you’re creating the right environment to get the most from your team.

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Use reliable, valid data to lead  teams with confidence

Our expert-driven focus on reliability and validity means you can count on Birkman data – today, tomorrow, and for the entire employee lifecycle. 

Feedback from many clients confirms the utility of using The Birkman Method for various business problems from leadership and coaching to selection and development.

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"We’ve found The Birkman Method to be an invaluable tool to help teams resolve internal conflicts, and to allow individuals to identify their own communication style and work through how they work best with others."

Pablo Cruz, NASA Deputy Manager of HR Development Office

Why choose Birkman? The better question is, why wouldn’t you?

Birkman is the best decision you can make to invest in the engagement and performance of your team. It’s that simple.

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