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Birkman helps students choose a career path

Helps students discover the roles that will motivate and engage them the most

Choosing a career path to work towards for the rest of your life is a big decision. And the right role and organizational culture are key to long-term career engagement.

Birkman provides students with insights into their interests, behaviors, and personality to align them with the most ideal business roles. This means they’ll actually love their jobs, instead of just tolerating them.

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Birkman gives faculty an educational opportunity

Provide students real-world, applicable knowledge to reinforce classroom instruction

You need to prepare your students for the workplace, but it’s hard to simulate real-world experiences through lectures. Birkman can help you bridge that gap from the confines of your classroom doors.

Through personality insights, you can educate students on the necessary skills to be a great leader and valuable member in the workforce based on their unique characteristics.

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Birkman gives students self-awareness

Equip students to make a real impact on their future success in the workplace

There’s no syllabus for the workplace, but even the best students can struggle with navigating team relationships. A lack of self-awareness can cause a disconnect in workplace interactions, resulting in ineffective communication, interpersonal issues, and inefficiency. 

Birkman gives students the head start they need to understand  their own behaviors, communication style, and personality – and learn how it impacts those around them.

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"It’s more powerful than the other tools I’ve encountered out there, with more robust validity. Women leaders, for instance, find it particularly helpful when they can talk about their expectations without sounding needy."

Robin Denise Johnson, Ph.D. Faculty Director of Executive Education and DEI Consultant, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Over the last two decades, I’ve helped more than 3,000 high school students and young adults navigate their post high-school path by Birkman. 

By uncovering their own unique wiring, I show them how to translate those strengths and passions into a fulfilling career as we work through their college counseling.

Lisa Marker-Robbins, Flourish Coaching Founder, CEO, Chief Inspiration Officer

Provide students with personality and behavior data to enhance their professional development

Birkman provides insights into students’ strengths, interests, personality, and behaviors to identify the right career path.

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Making work a better place for new professionals

Identifies strengths students can leverage on teams

We all have unique strengths we use to be successful in the workplace – they’re the superpowers that help us make our best contributions to organizational success.

Birkman identifies what those strengths are so new professionals can lean into them from the very start of their careers. 

Uncovers each student’s unique workplace needs

Needs are an important part of the workplace and overall job satisfaction, and differ widely from person to person.

Birkman helps students understand what they need from a workplace so they can strive to put themselves in an environment where they can thrive – not where they stress.

Highlights what activities in the workplace will motivate students

People enjoy work more and perform at a higher level when they’re actually interested in what they’re doing. Otherwise, they’re left feeling drained and unmotivated by the end of every work day.

Birkman identifies what workplace tasks students are most interested in so they can do more of what motivates them – keeping them engaged, motivated, and continually pushing for greatness.

Insights on behavioral components allow students to dig deep into their personality traits 

It’s important to have self-awareness. It allows students to gain a greater understanding of who they are, how they operate, and how they can adapt in the workplace. 

Birkman provides insights into personality, work styles, and communication styles – all important factors of success in the workplace.

Improve your program by setting students up for workplace engagement 

College students

College students must choose a career path and get internships to prepare for life after graduation. A wrong career choice can result in a career crisis, financial burden, and a lack of job satisfaction.

Birkman provides college students with insights so they can choose a career that aligns with their interests, needs, behaviors, and personality.


As an MBA program or business school educator, you’re responsible for equipping students with the knowledge they need to graduate and start their careers. 

Birkman provides your students with career and personality insights to enhance your program and help them succeed after graduation. The best part? Your students can continue to use these insights long after they’ve walked across the stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Birkman assessment take?

The questionnaire should take about 30 minutes to complete. You can leave the questionnaire and return to your place if interrupted. The ideal condition for taking the test is when you have both the time and energy to do so.

How many questions is The Birkman Method?

The questionnaire is 298 questions and takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. 

If that sounds like a serious time investment, you're right! It is! But Birkman is known for providing the deepest insights into how people present themselves externally and the kind of work environment they need to be successful, and that kind of insight takes more rigor than a 5- or 10-minute questionnaire.

How can I purchase the assessment?

If you’re looking to purchase the assessment for yourself, you can find the options to do so here.

If you’re looking to use Birkman within your organization or practice, please talk to our sales team to discuss your needs, the process, and pricing.

How much does it cost?

We're really about finding the right solution for you and your needs, so the answer varies for each organization, practice, and person. Connect with us to see how Birkman can help you and if we're a good fit.

Prepare students to be effective leaders and valuable members of the workplace

The transition from college to the real-world is a big jump. Birkman can help students land with confidence.

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