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Key Use Cases

The Birkman Method Personality Assessment Develops Human Capital

  • Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development

    Leadership Development

  • Team BuildingTeam Building

    Team Building

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    Career Exploration

  • Talent SelectionTalent Selection

    Talent Selection

  • Sales & NegotiationSales & Negotiation

    Sales & Negotiation

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Growth Through Insights

A few of our clients are listed to the right. They use The Birkman Method to develop emotional intelligence within their organizations.

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Birkman Blog

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Generational Differences eBook

Although most organizations pour time and resources into achieving and encouraging diversity, many limit their definition of diversity to gender and ethnicity. One of the most daunting diversity challenges — generational diversity — often goes overlooked and unaddressed….

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Client Case Study

Emory University - Goizueta Business School

The Goizueta Business School incorporates The Birkman Method into its MBA programs to assist students in enhancing their leadership effectiveness. Based upon the Emotional Intelligence framework, the Birkman augments the development of key traits of effective leaders….

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