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Talent selection 2x

Talent Selection and Alignment

The right person for the team requires more than just the skills on the job description.

Talent Selection and Alignment
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Talent Development

Help your team understand themselves and their coworkers better.

Talent Development
Team performance 2x

Team Performance

Create a team that understands each other and provides psychological safety to its members.

Team Performance
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Leadership Development

Help your leaders and coaches provide the purpose and clarity teams need to stay connected.

Leadership Development

From top to bottom, every employee in your organization can use personalized Birkman insights to do better work.

Org Dev/HR

Create a blueprint for conflict avoidance  

Evaluate candidates' suitability for specific roles and determine their potential fit within the organization's culture

Develop well-balanced teams that connect through their similarities and contribute through their differences

Tailor employment development plans based on employees’ specific strengths, needs, and interests


Gain a better understanding of yourself and how you perceive the people around you

Develop tools to help you work effectively with people of all work styles

Create a common language for you and your coworkers to discuss their needs, stressors, and motivators

Middle Managers

Understand your team’s strengths, needs, and motivations to get the most out of your team

Gain better understanding of your direct reports and the ways they need to be managed

Develop techniques to identify when your team members are under stress and how to work with them to resolve it

Get a complete picture of your direct reports and how they might interact with their co-workers


Reduce turnover by creating a more collaborative, engaging workplace

Create teams that meet their goals and KPIs

Get a pulse on the well-being of the company

Develop your leaders and high-performers in the most effective ways

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High Performing Teams Program

Help your teams unlock their ultimate potential.

Use the power of Birkman to increase team cohesion, enable better collaboration, and improve team performance.

Learn more about High-Performing Teams
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“We believe that Birkman is the most appropriate product in a healthcare environment. Given how stressful and demanding healthcare is today, it allows us the opportunity to work with stakeholders to ensure their needs are known and have strategies for self-care.”

Kim Nugent, Ed.D. Director, Talent and Organizational Development; Harris Health

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