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Transform team performance impact at scale

When one team participates in the High-Performing Teams Program facilitated by one of our licensed consultants, the impact is felt immediately. 

But when you become licensed yourself, you can scale the program across entire organizations to elevate performance and drive measurable company-wide results.

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Build performance from the inside out

Corporate professionals who become licensed know their organization’s challenges and opportunities. They’re familiar with the obstacles teams encounter again and again, and the wins that lie ahead for them once they clear the hurdles.

With this internal knowledge, you can uniquely tailor the High-Performing Teams Program to align with your company’s values, culture, and vision for a truly customized coaching experience.

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Reduce turnover by creating a coaching culture

Employees want to work for an organization that invests in them, and employers want to increase team cohesion and stability.

Whether you work inside an organization or consult from the outside, becoming licensed to facilitate our program allows you to promote employee retention through consistent coaching and focused team development.

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Integrate coaching outcomes into organizational strategies

A core piece of every coach’s role is to ensure impact that levels up to positive organizational outcomes.

Our program pillars of purpose, clarity, and psychological safety translate over and across all industries to create the foundation for team performance on which overall organizational success is built.

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Get more team and less dream with our structured performance program

Organizational success depends on team performance. Take a look at the sample workbook information provided in the High-Performing Teams program to better understand how teams establish purpose, create clarity, and foster psychological safety using Birkman insights.

Download the Sample Workbook
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Our training equips you to make an immediate difference while helping organizations build a lasting future.

Training Workshop

Our online and virtual training begins with pre-workshop modules that introduce the concepts and prepare you for the workshop.

During the workshop, you’ll analyze individual and team data around the three High-Performing Team pillars as well as insights culled from participant Birkman Signature Report data. By the end of the workshop, theory becomes practice and participants learn how to apply the framework and insights to sessions they lead independently.

Ongoing Support

With your High-Performing Teams license, you are invited to live, quarterly High-Performing Teams User Groups.

Led by Birkman President Amy Shepley, creator of High-Performing Teams and our most experienced facilitator, these sessions provide best practices, mentoring, and case studies to help you in your facilitation journey.

Program Materials

Because the High-Performing Teams Program is designed to be turnkey, we’ll provide you with all of the tools you need to be successful from day one.

You’ll gain access to the workshop facilitator guide and action plan templates, which will guide you through each section of the workshop delivery and prepare you to ensure ongoing team accountability.

Continuing Education

Consistently sharpen your coaching skills with online courses.

With your Birkman Signature and High-Performing Teams Program licenses, you have access to our portal of educational courses and team toolkits to help you become a true expert in all Birkman has to offer in building team success.

Get Licensed to Lead the High-Performing Teams Program in Three Steps

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Birkman Signature Certification lays the foundation for the most comprehensive understanding of program data.

Our Signature Certification is the first step in your Birkman journey. You’ll learn to understand and interpret the key behavioral insights that feed into the High-Performing Teams Program, and how to discuss these insights in detail as you facilitate workshops.

This certification is also a springboard for taking Birkman insights to the individual coaching level and developing customized plans to improve overall team dynamics.

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High-Performing Teams Program Certification

The online pre-certification modules introduce program concepts and activities for reflection, while the workshop cements those concepts through a combination of theory and practice.

You’ll review how to implement the full program for teams, including the action plan that prepares teams to integrate their learnings into everyday team operations.

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Impact Teams of All Sizes

When you complete the workshop, you’ll have all the resources and knowledge you need to use your certification. Participants are equipped from the start to independently enhance team performance and accountability, but have ongoing support of other Birkman professionals and continuing Birkman education.

Who Should Get Licensed?

Human Resources and Talent Management

We all know management doesn’t stop after recruitment and onboarding. It’s critical to get the right talent on board and strategize ways to develop your workforce, ultimately improving employee engagement, team performance, and succession planning.

Organizational Development and Learning and Development

When your focus is through aligning your organizational strategy throughout the organization, it’s important to explore problems and opportunities that may impact culture, team building, efficiency, and productivity.

Internal Consultants

Providing ongoing subject matter expertise that’s beneficial to your organization’s employees, teams, and leaders is especially important when implementing a strategy that can transform organizational and team potential.

Independent Consultants

Outside consultants are an integral part in corporate-wide initiatives, especially when a neutral perspective is needed. With varied experience comes broader best practices that can positively inform culture change, conflict resolution, and other challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the High-Performing Teams Program delivered?

The High-Performing Teams Program can be delivered virtually or in person. The content within the program consists of 8 hours, which can be completed in one day or over the course of a few days, with pre-work as well as quarterly check-ins.

What are the differences between Birkman Signature and Birkman High-Performing Teams? How is it different from my team building workshop using the Birkman Signature Report?

Our program is designed to coach teams–to train them to develop healthy, productive behaviors that they can incorporate into their day-to-day flow of work. This coaching program is more than a one-off exercise or workshop and was created to optimize a team’s performance.

When used with teams, Birkman Signature increases self-awareness and the report is interpreted for greater understanding of self. The Birkman Signature Report does not provide data on the team’s strengths and overused strengths, needs, or motivational focus.

Do I need to be certified to use this team coaching program?

To facilitate the High-Performing Teams turnkey program, you must go through the training program. Within this program, you will learn the High-Performing Teams methodology, receive Birkman content that supports the program (such as the facilitator guide, presentations and worksheets), and facilitator tips and best practices.

Should I facilitate the program for a team at my organization or should I hire an external consultant to lead the program?

We recommend that you have previous experience leading a program and can facilitate discussions amongst teams if you’re interested in becoming licensed for the High-Performing Teams Program.

If you are uncomfortable doing so, we recommend hiring an independent consultant.

If there are trust issues or conflicts within the team, it’s best to remain unbiased with a neutral perspective. This can be difficult if you work with the team internally, so an outside perspective may be the best option.

What do I do if I facilitate the team program, but my team changes or I hire a new team member?

We understand that teams undergo frequent changes in today’s business landscape, especially in membership. That’s why we created an add-on workshop: Team Evolution & Reevaluation, designed to address any team changes. This solution provides the team with new team data and insights to continue the momentum.

Learn to facilitate the program that best impacts team performance

When you facilitate the High-Performing Teams Program, you empower teams and organizations to perform at their very best.

Get licensed to lead

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