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The Birkman Method was created to help people see the world differently through the lens of personality.

Roger W. Birkman created the Test of Social Comprehension in 1951, with inspiration from his wartime experiences. He saw first-hand that individual differences in visual and interpersonal perceptions impacted pilot performance. His Test of Social Comprehension, now known as The Birkman Method, helps determine how someone is likely to behave and why. 

The Birkman Method measures various personality traits to provide insights on how they might interact in a team setting. Though rooted in a desire to understand why pilots reacted differently under the same circumstances, Birkman is now focused on helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work.


Increase your team's energy by assigning work they actually like

What do you enjoy doing? People feel more fulfilled with their work when it aligns with their natural interests. 

By discovering this information, you unlock an important source of energy and motivation to help keep employees engaged with their roles and responsibilities.

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Employee Workstyles

Tap into your team's natural strengths 

Every individual makes a unique contribution to the team. But it's in leveraging the differences in these strengths that teams perform at their highest level.

By identifying how natural workstyles of team members can complement each other, employees learn to lean on their own strengths and the strengths of their colleagues to bring the team's distinct purpose to life.

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Needs in the Workplace

Learn what each individual needs to be at their best 

Needs extend further than salary and benefits. The psychological, hidden needs of team members are much more complex, but are just as important to overall engagement and job satisfaction.

When their needs are met, employees bring their best, most productive selves to the workplace. The results? Less stress, better communication, and healthier conflict.

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Stress Behaviors

Minimize workplace stress so your team can stay happier, longer

We've all been guilty of mismanaging our stress in the workplace. When this happens, our stress behavior trickles down to others, decreasing team morale and increasing conflict. 

When leaders understand the stress triggers for team members, they can help employees manage stress better to maintain team harmony. And with that? Reduced burnout, higher engagement, and less turnover.

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The Birkman Method is grounded in decades of research that will help your team fly high.

At Birkman, our focus is on reliability and validity. You always can be confident in the data and insights we provide.

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Find out why Birkman brings new meaning to the term "colorful personality."

We don't just put you in a box. We help you understand the many shades of your personality and how they shape your perception of the world around you.

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