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Reliability of Assessment Results

Reliable over time

Across decades, consistency has been a hallmark of The Birkman Method. Current reliability studies indicate that our consistency measures are all above industry standards.

Assessment data confirms high test-retest reliability, with strong correlations among questions yielding consistent measurement of traits. These two types of reliability together establish the overall accuracy and dependability of The Birkman Method.

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Established Norms for Data

Measured Against the Workforce

Birkman periodically adjusts the norms for our data to ensure proper sample size and representation. What does this mean for you? We can accurately compare individual employee data to a representative cross-section of the workforce.

The baseline data for norming was compared to findings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to ensure key representation for factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and job family.

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Validity of Assessment Results

Designed to Ensure Validity

The Birkman Method meets the criteria for five different measures of validity. When combined with reliability, this means findings from The Birkman Method establish what is known as scientific proof.

But for our clients, proof is always in the organizational results. And feedback from companies using Birkman confirms The Birkman Method is extremely useful for addressing various business problems, from leadership and coaching to selection and development.

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Looking for a quick overview about Birkman’s reliability and validity?

Our white paper contains a quick introduction to The Birkman Method and the science behind it.

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