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Birkman helps team communication

With Birkman, your team’s communication can be a bridge to success – not a barrier. 

In a fast-paced working environment with tight deadlines, innovation and problem-solving depend on effective team communication.

Companies everywhere are trying to crack the communication code, but many communication issues come down to one thing – personality differences.

Birkman helps team members understand the impact of their unique communication style, and how to meet the communication needs of others. When communication obstacles are removed, teams can focus on the results that bring clients back. 

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How Birkman helps team collaboration

Enhance collaboration to propel your team forward

Collaboration is the foundation of creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking, all important factors when providing a professional service. And it can be a big difference maker in a team’s success or failure. 

Birkman can help your team collaborate more effectively by creating a shared purpose, ensuring role clarity, and fostering a culture of psychological safety. 

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How Birkman helps reduce employee stress

Prevent burnout by understanding your team’s stress triggers 

Your team members have unspoken needs for the environment they work in. If their needs aren’t met, the result is workplace stress, leading to a decrease in job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. 

When employees get burned out and quit, they take their skills and knowledge with them. Birkman insights help you meet individual needs so you can keep your employees where they belong – on your team.

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"We’ve been using Birkman in the firm for over twelve years. Every new hire from the position of manager and above is required to complete a Birkman profile. The benefits the firm has received in terms of mentoring, coaching, and team building with Birkman has been tremendous."

Byron Hebert Chief Growth Officer, PKF

Over the last two decades, I’ve helped more than 3,000 high school students and young adults navigate their post high-school path by Birkman. 

By uncovering their own unique wiring, I show them how to translate those strengths and passions into a fulfilling career as we work through their college counseling.

Lisa Marker-Robbins, Flourish Coaching Founder, CEO, Chief Inspiration Officer

The Birkman is the gold standard of behavioral assessments. I consider it the DiSC on steroids. At our firm, we use Birkman for one-on-one coaching, leadership training, and team-based activities.

Phillip Weiss, P.A. Weiss President

"A data-driven workplace assessment that enables people to identify and discard long-held negative assumptions about job and career success. It also provides a lens through which managers and supervisors can challenge stereotypes about who can or can’t add value to a team or an organization."

Price M. Cobbs, Pacific Management Solutions President and CEO

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Improve your team’s performance by providing the right foundation

Align and rally your team behind a shared purpose

Help your team understand why they exist, how they fit within your organization, and how customers benefit from the work they do. 

When teams have a clearly defined shared purpose, they’re able to hit the bullseye by focusing efforts on their unique contribution to the company’s vision.

Help teams achieve more by providing clarity

Your team’s level of clarity is a strong indicator on how successful they will be in executing the company vision. 

Bridge the gap between individual team members and their tasks with Birkman insights. When employees have a clear picture of their specific roles and responsibilities, they’re able to best do their part in achieving the team’s purpose.

Empower your team by fostering psychological safety

Enabling your team to feel more vulnerable and trust you as a leader enhances creativity, out-of-box thinking, and willingness to bring new ideas to the table.

Birkman provides insights into how you can create an environment that encourages your team members to be honest, take healthy risks, promote collaboration, and embrace imperfection.

Birkman helps organizations of all sizes and specialties


Juggling multiple cases in a high-pressure environment is very demanding.  Tasks become even more complex when you add other colleagues, paralegals, and staff members into the mix. 

The Birkman Method can help you understand your workplace needs and communicate more effectively to meet client demands while managing workplace stress.


It’s your job to grow the brand, but you can’t do it alone. Aligning with other departments including sales, product development, R&D, and leadership can be difficult for even the best teams. 

In a fast-paced environment, your team must communicate effectively to meet tight deadlines and project goals. Birkman can help your team improve collaboration across multi-functional teams, empowering them to do better work with better results.


In a highly technical role, clarity is essential. Effective communication ensures everyone understands the project, their role, and how to execute it. You have too much at stake to risk unclear expectations. 

Birkman can help your team learn how to navigate complex projects together, establish clear expectations, and meet project deadlines.


Being in charge of finances comes with a lot of pressure. And since you work with every department, effective communication and collaboration needs to be a strong trait of your team to ensure all work is accurate. 

Birkman can help your employees identify their strengths, workplace needs,  and blind spots to reduce stress and create a healthy team dynamic.


Working on large projects with a team comes with plenty of opportunities to miss deadlines and go over budget. With that comes the potential of team conflict and workplace stress.

Birkman can help your team collaborate and communicate effectively to move projects forward and make your client’s vision come to fruition. 

IT Consultants

You’re responsible for important tasks like data security and ensuring all company technology is working properly. In other words, you help keep operations up and running.

Birkman can improve your team’s cohesiveness and help your team overcome technical communication barriers to protect not just data, but the success of your team itself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the assessment work with teams?

At Birkman, we believe in helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work. Our team building solutions include the following:

High-Performing Teams workshop provides a framework to help teams build purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, solving challenges such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, and misalignment in teams.

Birkman Signature is a report to create a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace, helping teams discover their Birkman behaviors, needs, colors, and symbols.

Birkman at Work toolkits are quick, brief workshops covering team needs, behaviors, and interests to promote better communication.

Find the best solution for your team and schedule a call with Sales.

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

How do you read Birkman results?

If you have taken the assessment and are looking for your Birkman Signature Report, a Birkman Certified Professional is required to interpret your results due to the depth and complexity of the data. The Basics and Careertyping Reports are self-interpreted with key, brief takeaways on your personality.

Organizations looking to use our tools must become certified or work with one of our Birkman Certified Professionals to interpret results, facilitate workshops, or have meaningful conversations.

Can you fail the Birkman test?

There are no "wrong" answers. Therefore, you cannot fail. Respond with your gut response to the questions. The Birkman Method assessment is based on positive psychology and doesn't judge any behavioral style as more or less preferred than others. If you come across a question you aren't sure about the answer to, use your first reaction and don't overthink the question. We promise it's not that serious!

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