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Have better coaching conversations

From new job market entrants to CEOs, constructive coaching is what helps every employee perform at their best.

The Birkman Method Certification equips you to provide customized coaching based on unique personality insights. Go beyond simply identifying areas for improvement to highlighting concrete strategies for strengthening interpersonal relationships and professional performance.

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Use a coaching blueprint grounded in positive psychology

Some assessments focus on the dark side of personality to pinpoint negative traits as evidence that an individual should not be hired or promoted.

The coaching framework you’ll learn in The Birkman Method Certification is based on inclusion and positive psychology. This means you can lean into what each individual brings to the table rather than why they shouldn’t have a seat.

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Stand on the strength of data

There are many personality assessments and coaching models to choose from, but not all are backed by 70 years of research.

The Birkman Method Certification is built on a foundation of robust, scientifically valid data that lends precision, objectivity, and credibility to every coaching conversation.

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A single certification for all of your coaching needs

Many organizations and external consultants use multiple assessments for team performance and talent development. This can reduce the speed of results as teams adjust to different terms, methodologies, and desired outcomes.

The Birkman Method Certification allows you to use one assessment and one coaching approach to empower people up, down, and across every organization.

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Join a network of over 4,000 Birkman Certified Professionals

Once certified, you’ll join a network of other Birkman Certified Professionals, both in organizations and individual practices. Their knowledge and experience can help you use your certification and other proprietary resources to best develop your own Birkman coaching technique.

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Make a difference that matters for employees and teams

The Birkman Method Certification opens the door to data-driven insights that create positive change in employees, teams, and organizations.

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How The Birkman Method Certification sets participants up for meaningful coaching

Comprehensive three-day workshop to immerse you in Birkman

We know you’re busy, so we offer the flexibility of virtual or in-person certification workshops to best meet your scheduling needs. 

During the workshop, we dive deep into the why and how of using the Birkman Method to improve individual and team performance. And you’ll leave with a robust Birkman Method manual and other key reference materials including tips and best strategies for coaching conversations using Birkman personality insights.

Interactive exercises that allow you to begin using Birkman insights immediately

Rather than teach “at” you for two days, we’ve structured our workshop to incorporate consistent interactive activities that include all participants.

From having mini-insight debriefs to independently leading a coaching conversation with a fellow participant, our workshop moves you seamlessly from theory to practice over the course of three days.

Access to a library of reports and additional learning opportunities

Gain access to over 40 reports, including our most in-depth report -- the Birkman Signature Report. Additional report topics include navigating interpersonal stress, maintaining positive relationships, and decision-making behaviors.

Our consultant-only learning portal also includes courses that further explore Birkman components and applications, allowing you to truly become a Birkman expert.

Get certified and start helping teams of all sizes do their best work. 

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Talk to sales and sign up

Let’s have a conversation and determine if The Birkman Method Certification is what you need for your organization or practice. 

Once we figure out your needs, you can choose what is best for your schedule: in-person for three days at our Houston headquarters or virtual for five days.

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Have a one-on-one conversation about your Birkman Signature Report

Meet with a Birkman Certified Professional to lay the groundwork for the certification workshop by taking a deep dive into your own report.. 

This discussion introduces you to terminology, provides an overview of your personality and behaviors, and allows you to understand what a conversation should look like. 

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Complete the interactive pre-work

There are eight hours of e-learning curriculum that needs to be completed before the workshop. This pre-work is focused on familiarizing you with the aspects of personality and terminology covered in the Birkman Signature.

It covers an overview of The Birkman Method, the Birkman Map, 10 interests, and nine components, and provides you with tips to have effective conversations you can use in the workshop.

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Attend the workshop

Whether you choose to attend the virtual or in-person workshop, the curriculum is focused on application, providing you with interactive activities, discussions, and case study analysis to help you apply the data in real-life scenarios. 

You’ll gain the confidence to lead team and group activities, explore Birkman Components, and develop your coaching skills by working with theoretical scenarios and coaching other participants using the scores and scales from the pre-work.

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Start using The Birkman Method

After the workshop, you’ll leave with the skills necessary to utilize The Birkman Method in coaching, guiding individuals to their full potential, and helping teams do better work.

And our account management and support teams will support you throughout your coaching journey.

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For every type of workplace coach, better conversations begin with The Birkman Method Certification.

Learning and Organizational Development Professionals

Help employees be more productive and effective at their jobs, work better with their teams, and develop within the organization. 

The Birkman Method Certification equips you to increase your organization’s effectiveness through personalized employees coaching around blind spots, stressors, and productive behaviors. 

Human Resources Leaders

Develop a stronger recruitment process and invest in your talent management and acquisition strategies with Birkman.

With no “right profile” for hiring, The Birkman Method Certification helps you discover the hidden power of diverse personalities in building the ideal team. And once they’re onboard, you’re equipped to design a development path unique to each employee’s unique strengths and interests.

Management and Executive Coaches

The Birkman Method Certification helps you partner with clients to solve complex personnel issues with tailored personality insights. From reducing turnover to meeting every employee’s workplace needs, our data improves both coaching conversations and overall business outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go through The Birkman Method Certification if I am very experienced with assessments and have extensive training in this field?

Yes. The Birkman Method Certification covers Birkman concepts and how to lead a Birkman conversation with others. While a background in facilitation is valuable and definitely helps, the concepts reflected by Birkman are complex enough that there is no substitute for training from our experts. 

If it helps reassure you, most of the attendees to The Birkman Method Certification are also very experienced in HR, executive coaching, training, or talent development—the course material is designed with you in mind.

What is the cost associated with The Birkman Method Certification? Do you offer discounts?

The cost of The Birkman Method Certification is $5,000.00, which includes eight hours of eLearning curriculum and the workshop. 

We do not offer discounts.

How can certification enhance my coaching practice? What are the benefits to independent consultants and coaches?

Birkman provides management consultants and executive coaches with data that taps into the perceptions and motivations behind high-level decisions, strategies, and priorities. Coaches can guide their clients through complex challenges to improved outcomes with the data in the Signature Report.

Along with receiving advanced behavioral data, you’ll join a network of over 4,000 Birkman Certified Professionals worldwide, understand the complexities of different personality types and perspectives, and enhance your interpretation and coaching skills.

Should I have an employee get certified or should I hire an independent consultant?

Without knowing what you are trying to solve, this question is hard to answer. If you want to facilitate a team building workshop when psychological safety is in question, it’s best to hire a consultant. If you’re wanting to improve your recruitment process, it may be best to have an employee go through Signature Certification. Talk to our team to discuss your needs and find out what is more beneficial to your organization. 

Birkman does have a wide network of trained workshop facilitators worldwide. We will connect you to the right consultant based on your location, group dynamics, and goals

What certifying programs is The Birkman Method Certification accredited with?

The Birkman Method Certification experience can be used toward the following two certifying programs:

International Coach Federation (ICF) – Continuing Coach Education (CCE) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

What is the cancellation and refund policy for the workshop in case I cannot attend?

Participants may reschedule to another virtual or in-person class if there are seats available. One rescheduling request may be made within the same calendar year. A rescheduling fee may apply if the request is made within 14 days of the start date.

Birkman is not responsible for any non-refundable travel expenses incurred by the registrant.

Five simple onboarding steps. Three amazing workshop days. Endless opportunities for impact through workplace coaching.

The Birkman Method Certification is the only tool you need to elevate your coaching and be the guide employees need.

Start making an impact

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Gain access to over 40 reports, including the Birkman Signature Report, and data-driven insights to improve your organization or consulting practice.

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