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Shifts in team dynamics during organizations are inevitable. But they don’t have to be detrimental.

Whether the reason for reorganization is due to inefficiencies, market conditions, or changing the direction of the business, it will heavily impact all employees. Often, it causes stress and unhealthy shifts in team dynamics.

Through Birkman insights, teams jump-start communication and collaboration while leaders build the best environment for future productivity and success. 

Birkman helps leaders during reorganization

Your team might look a little different. Your leadership should look a little different, too.

Middle managers might have new employees reporting to them, with little knowledge of each employee’s strengths, interests, and workplace needs.

Birkman helps leaders guide their new team through the personality piece of reorganization, equipping them to more easily integrate and perform at their best.

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Improve trust with your team

Establish a foundation of trust for new teams to stand on

Change can be hard for some employees, making it hard for them to adjust to new roles and responsibilities. 

Birkman helps leaders foster an environment of psychological safety within their team so employees can voice concerns, ask questions, and get the information they need to move forward with confidence. 

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Birkman helps build company culture

Create a collaborative workplace so morale and engagement can flourish

New personalities introduce new challenges and opportunities to the collaborative process. This can either unlock innovation or leave it behind with the old org chart.

Birkman helps companies going through a reorg understand each other’s preferred communication and decision-making styles so they learn how to achieve the best collective results.

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Birkman reduces workplace stress

Reduce workplace stressors throwing a wrench in your team’s performance

With changing workloads and new responsibilities, feelings of burnout and stress might come to the surface during a reorganization. The result of this stress can not only be a precursor to conflict and unproductivity, but it can also result in turnover.

Birkman helps companies identify what each employee needs from the workplace to minimize stress and focus more time on doing great work. 

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Empower team members to perform in their new role

Birkman Signature provides insights on strengths, interests, and blind spots so leaders can put employees in positions where they can do their best work. 

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Ensure you come out of the reorganization with the most productive and high-performing team.


Identify workplace stressors for individual team members during uncertain times

Reorganizations can cause stress from feelings of uncertainty, resistance to change, increased workloads, and other factors. And when employees are stressed, their performance suffers. 


Birkman identifies what each employee needs from the workplace to be their most effective selves, limit stress, and prevent cases of conflict, burnout, and turnover.

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Get action plans to help employees grow into their new roles and responsibilities 

Many employees come out of reorganizations with new job roles and responsibilities.

With  Birkman, team members can turn personality insights into behavioral development so that they can collaborate with their new teams and perform new tasks effectively and successfully. 

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Provide employees with the self-awareness to communicate and collaborate effectively

Every team member is different. That includes who they are, how they communicate, and the way they work. During a reorganization, how those characteristics mesh with others on the team can determine whether the reorg is ultimately successful. 

Birkman identifies the  communication styles and work styles of all team members so they can meaningfully collaborate rather than channeling their energy to unhealthy conflict.

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Increase your team’s energy by providing tasks that motivate them

Employees are most engaged when they’re working on tasks they’re passionate about. And during a reorg, it can be a difference maker in making an employee more efficient – or stressing them out. 

Birkman helps leaders identify activities employees are interested in, resulting in increased motivation and productivity

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Helps leaders understand themselves to guide the team more effectively

Communication is key for trust amongst a team. And during a reorganization, trust is necessary to get all employees on board with the new structure. 

Birkman provides leaders with self-awareness of their own behaviors and communication style so that they can understand how it impacts their team. 

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Help employees lean into individual workplace strengths

Companies often go through reorganization to be more efficient. And what better way to be more efficient by ensuring employees are performing tasks that leverage their strengths.

Birkman identifies individual team members’ strengths so that they can spend time doing tasks that they’re good at. The result is a more engaged, efficient, and effective team. 

Big changes are happening. Make sure your organization is ready for them.

Executive Leadership

As an executive, big decisions are just a part of the job. It’s important for executives to understand how they impact the organization based on their decision making process and their communication style.

Through Birkman insights, executives can make decisions based on data to build high-performing teams and manage resistance to change.

Middle Managers

Middle Managers are responsible for ensuring that their teams are performing efficiently and effectively. And if there are team dynamic issues on top of role transitions, it can really put a damper on team performance.

Birkman helps middle managers to tailor interactions with individual contributors to improve trust, fostering a culture in which engagement and transparent communication thrive.

Individual Contributors

During reorganization, individual contributors will probably have new roles on a team that looks a little different than before.

Birkman gives individual collaborators insights into their personality, workstyles, behaviors, and communication styles to improve awareness of how their actions impact others. The result is better collaboration and performance – and less conflict and stress.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department has their work cut out for them. From change management and training to retention strategies and employee engagement, Human Resources plays an integral part in every reorganization.

After a reorg, teams can’t afford to lose key talent. Birkman helps HR departments prevent stress and burnout by providing insights into factors that contribute to employee satisfaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

How does the assessment work with teams?

At Birkman, we believe in helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work. Our team building solutions include the following:

High-Performing Teams workshop provides a framework to help teams build purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, solving challenges such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, and misalignment in teams.

Birkman Signature is a report to create a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace, helping teams discover their Birkman behaviors, needs, colors, and symbols.

Birkman at Work toolkits are quick, brief workshops covering team needs, behaviors, and interests to promote better communication.

Find the best solution for your team and schedule a call with Sales.

How accurate is the Birkman assessment?

The Birkman Method assessment is accurate. The assessment's high test-retest reliability ensures consistent results over time, while its high internal consistency reliability reflects strong correlations among the assessment's questions, yielding reliable measurement of traits. These two types of reliability establish the assessment's overall accuracy and dependability.

Is The Birkman Method valid?

Yes, The Birkman Method assessment is valid. The assessment's content covers the intended construct domains of interest through research-based development, ensuring content validity. It demonstrates its face validity through the subjective evaluation of the constructs measured by its respondents. Additionally, the assessment demonstrates convergent construct validity and divergent construct validity, respectively, by positively correlating with similar measures and negatively correlating with measures of unrelated constructs. Lastly, The Birkman Method has criterion-related validity through established relationships with various work-related outcomes, such as job performance, career satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and team dynamics. These five types of validity together establish the assessment's overall validity.

Your team is reorganized. Now it’s time to get to work. 

Build a more effective team to give your organization new levels of efficiency. 

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