About Birkman

Birkman International is a Behavioral and Occupational Assessment company with a large global reach.



Our People

Our Mission

Our Story

Birkman has grown over the past 60 years to be one of the most influential personality assessments for people across the globe. As our story continues, our family culture and proud roots remain at the core of our values and vision.

Dr. Birkman

The Founder of Birkman International and an influential psychologist, Dr. Birkman’s vision continues to inspire the Birkman team and the thousands of people who are transformed by his assessment every day.

Why Birkman is Better

The Birkman Method is a favorite personality and career assessment of those experienced in the industry because it paints a richer picture of individuals.


Ever since our founding, each decade has brought new advancements to Birkman assessments, reports, usability, and applications.

The Birkman Team

Birkman is the winner of Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® Award in 2014, 2015, and 2016, plus nationally in 2014 and 2015.

Careers at Birkman

Birkman is the place to have your professional growth empowered by your peers.

Research and Validity

We strive to develop only the most scientifically sound assessments and services.

Research Philosophy

We strive to develop only the most scientifically sound assessments and services.

Worldwide Network

To support organizations around the world that want to use Birkman, we have a worldwide network of partner consultants, called Birkman International Partners (BIPs) and Birkman Learning Partners (BLPs), that support the use of Birkman assessments in their country or region.

Publications and Presentations

Want to learn more about behavioral assessments? Birkman is a thought leader in the field of positive psychology.