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The Valuable Insights of Hogan

The Hogan assessments cultivate self-awareness, which is a critical aspect for leaders and employees. With a focus on data and validity, Hogan also provides a strong application of screening potential candidates and employees for jobs.

While both the Hogan assessments and The Birkman Method assessment utilize the Five Factor Model, Birkman focuses on helping teams and organizations do better work.

We Select-In and Not Select-Out

With today’s increased need for diverse perspectives, selecting out during hiring limits culture-add. And rather than including candidates based on strengths, most assessments seek to exclude applicants by identifying  what is “wrong” with them.

This method makes it difficult to differentiate between high and low performers in traditional behavior-based interviewing. With Birkman, you can find the high-performers you need by selecting-in based on perspective and personality, providing you with a full picture of each candidate.

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We Measure More

Because the cost of turnover is high, organizations can’t afford to make uninformed decisions when hiring or coaching. It’s important that you have all of the data you need to select the right candidate from the start.

Birkman is the only assessment to measure an individual’s needs, which are invisible to others, yet describe how we prefer to be treated, supported, and motivated. By pairing this data paired with interests, stressors, and strengths, you can make better decisions that promote better work.

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We are Rooted in Positive Psychology

Some assessments are more judgemental than others and overlook important factors that contribute to job success, motivation, and satisfaction.

Birkman believes that how you get results when you’re comfortable in your environment is unique to you and your strengths, and that teams are stronger when personalities are diverse.

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We’ve all experienced working for organizations that focus on what’s wrong and try to get us to fix it. It’s a negative and demoralizing approach. Birkman helps us identify and leverage our strengths to address any challenge. That’s so much more appealing and fits with our culture. 

My conversations with employees are enlightening. They express such gratitude for that self-awareness that illuminates their path and gets them to where they want to go. 

We are about to reintroduce the concept of Appreciative Inquiry which, while highly effective, can sometimes be considered soft and philosophical. To give it a solid foundation, we pair it with Birkman, our rock in leadership strategies.

Fredrick Palmer, Laguna Development Corporation Director of Training and Organizational Development

Because of Birkman’s impact, the longevity of employees averages at 15 years, even for field employees who tend to have higher turnover industry-wide.

Len Benckenstein, Southwest Electronic Energy Group Chairman and CEO

Discover the strengths of The Birkman Method

By pinpointing how employees show up in the workplace as well as what they need when they get there, Birkman helps leaders form stronger teams.

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Who Uses Birkman?

Learning and Organizational Development Leaders

Job satisfaction isn’t one-size-fits-all and employee engagement can have a ripple effect on an organization’s culture.

Birkman helps employees understand their unique interests and needs that may be lacking in a current role. We also help managers understand the motivators of their employees, improving morale and reducing turnover. 

HR and Recruitment Managers

Instead of selecting-out, you should use data to select-in. By identifying a candidate’s natural strengths and interests, you can select candidates that will be motivated and satisfied in their careers.

By comparing a candidate’s personality profile to different job families, you can see how the individual aligns to different careers. This comparison provides areas for discussion during the interview process.

Executive Coaches

Birkman doesn’t fit an executive into a mold. Our data will give your leaders and executives a positive, deep understanding of themselves to make the most profound impact.

Helping executives understand themselves in a social context opens discussions in an unbiased, factual manner, resulting in constructive conversations that drive change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide information about the validity and reliability of The Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method assessment is reliable. The assessment's high test-retest reliability ensures consistent results over time, while its high internal consistency reliability reflects strong correlations among the assessment's questions, yielding reliable measurement of traits. These two types of reliability establish the assessment's overall accuracy and dependability.

The Birkman Method assessment is also valid. The assessment's content covers the intended construct domains of interest through research-based development, ensuring content validity. It demonstrates its face validity through the subjective evaluation of the constructs measured by its respondents. Additionally, the assessment demonstrates convergent construct validity and divergent construct validity, respectively, by positively correlating with similar measures and negatively correlating with measures of unrelated constructs. Lastly, The Birkman Method has criterion-related validity through established relationships with various work-related outcomes, such as job performance, career satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and team dynamics. These five types of validity together establish the assessment's overall validity.

Does The Birkman Method report on biases?

We instruct all Signature Certification participants about the importance of unwaveringly interpreting The Birkman Method results with uniformity, irrespective of one's racial or religious background.

What are the key differences between The Birkman Method and Hogan assessments?

Birkman is used in many applications, including talent selection and alignment, talent development, leadership development, and team performance. It is the only assessment to measure social perceptions or what we call your needs. You’ll also get data on personality factors, interests, and career alignment. 

Hogan is used in many applications, including talent selection, talent development, leadership development, and succession planning. The assessment measures personality factors.

Birkman takes a more empowering and positive approach to development.

How can I get certified in The Birkman Method?

Birkman Signature Certification covers Birkman concepts and provides you with information on how to lead a Birkman conversation with others. 

You can find more information about Signature Certification here.

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