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Improve organizational coaching skills

Sharpen your skills – and your coaching conversations – with Birkman solutions. 

Predictions. Derailers. Profiles. You might have several organizational performance options in your coaching toolkit. But are they the right ones to address your clients’ problems?

Birkman provides best-in-class personality insights so you can go beyond surface level descriptions to coach leaders and teams at a much deeper level.

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Scientifically valid personality insights

Coach with the power of data using The Birkman Method

Observation and anecdotal feedback only go so far in coaching. The difference-maker is data.

Science is at the heart of The Birkman Method, and has been for over 70 years. The reliability and validity measures of our comprehensive personality data exceed industry standards – which means you can always exceed client expectations.

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Team performance solutions

For the best coaching results, you need more than an assessment. You need solutions.

Our assessment is the best in the industry, but it’s only the beginning of the Birkman journey. 

Our library of customized reports, individual and team coaching toolkits, and framework for ongoing accountability equip you for taking a deeper dive on deeper organizational performance issues.

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Accessible to every employee

Across entire organizations, Birkman coaches make the greatest impact with the most precise tools.

The best results come when coaching is accessible for every employee. Some assessments and coaching programs are designed only for leaders and executives, while others are used for those within the ranks.

Our suite of solutions let organizational coaches impact organizations at scale, providing opportunities to engage with companies for consistent, long-term results.

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Grounded in positive psychology

Coaching through the lens of positive psychology

At Birkman, we don’t focus on the dark side of personality. Our coaching framework sheds light on the potential each employee has to contribute to the team, as well as any behavioral blind spots that could be blocking career success.

The balance in this approach means that you can help each client – from the college classroom to the boardroom – better understand themselves and improve business relationships and outcomes.

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"Every leader needs a coach and that coach should be using an assessment tool. Over my tenure, Birkman has been the assessment that has made all the difference for me and my team in moving the university to the next level."

Dr. Don Christian President & CEO, Concordia University

For coaching solutions that provide the greatest impact to your clients and to your bottom line, turn to Birkman.

You want to make a difference in the lives of others. And you want to responsibly and consistently grow your business. Birkman helps you do both.

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You can put the other assessments in the drawer. Birkman solutions have you covered.

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Provides coaching around key business problems that hinder organizational performance

Talent development. Team performance. Selection and alignment. Every business leader knows these are the human capital issues that can stand between good companies and great companies.

Birkman provides the resources you need to help companies overcome these common – but complicated – obstacles to organizational performance. The result? Clients who respect your contribution and refer you to others.

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Only Birkman highlights what employees need to be at their best in the workplace  

It’s easy to see how people show up at the office. But how an individual behaves is often different than how they want to be treated. And it’s the gap between the two that can lead to conflict and stress.

Your clients will be amazed at the difference it makes when they understand their own workplace needs and those of their teams. Relationships improve, stress is reduced, and engagement soars. And it’s only possible with Birkman.

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From the individual contributor to intact teams, Birkman solutions provide broad and deep organizational impact.

The best coaches understand that everyone needs to be reading from the same playbook for teams to connect and win. 

That’s why we’ve developed robust coaching frameworks designed for both the employee and team levels. From highlighting how behavior combinations affect team chemistry to pinpointing the foundations every high-performing team needs to excel, Birkman places your coaching fingerprint across the organization.

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Our ongoing learning resources ensure the best coaching tools are always at your fingertips.

Birkman insights are complex. And we don’t just know that – we take pride in it. Because we know the best results come from the most comprehensive data. 

That’s why we offer LearnUpon, a consultant-only platform with access to courses, toolkits, and other Birkman development opportunities. We help you go deeper with your Birkman expertise so you can go deeper with your clients.

For clients with 30 employees or 30,000 employees, Birkman is your coaching tool of choice.

Management Consultants

Working through critical business problems with clients is what you do. And there’s a common thread running through the fabric of things like supply chain, finance, and strategy – people. 

Without the right people and leadership team in place and working in harmony, a company will always fall short of its goals. When you coach with Birkman solutions, this part of the performance puzzle clicks into place.

Executive Coaches

Whether you’re working with existing leaders or those rising through the ranks, you need the right tools to uncover the strengths, blind spots, and mindset they’ll bring to the role.

Birkman insights help you instill self-awareness and develop actionable coaching plans for leaders to hone the personality characteristics that will best serve their teams.

Organizational Coaches

Where there’s a team, there are differences in perception. And these differences can lead to conflict that fractures organizations of all sizes.

Birkman individual and comparative data pinpoints the areas that can divide teams, and unites them through solutions centered on providing purpose and clarity within their roles.

Talent Development Managers

You work within the four walls of your organization, and have the most detailed knowledge of the opportunities and challenges within its teams. But you might not also always have the tools to affect the positive change you know is possible.

Creating momentum towards a healthy, engaging culture is within your reach when you partner with Birkman and integrate our solutions into the everyday flow of work. From individuals to teams and new job entrants to executives, we equip you to ensure all talent is working at their best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Birkman Method work?

The Birkman Method combines motivational, behavioral, and interests evaluation into one single self-assessment and is used for talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. Our reporting and workshops provide insight into effective behavioral styles, expectations of relationships and social situations, possible stressors when needs are not met, and job preferences and motivators.

How does the assessment work with teams?

At Birkman, we believe in helping companies build more effective teams, develop their talent, and do better work. Our team building solutions include the following:

High-Performing Teams workshop provides a framework to help teams build purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, solving challenges such as conflict resolution, miscommunication, and misalignment in teams.

Birkman Signature is a report to create a memorable language to discuss personality in the workplace, helping teams discover their Birkman behaviors, needs, colors, and symbols.

Birkman at Work toolkits are quick, brief workshops covering team needs, behaviors, and interests to promote better communication.

Find the best solution for your team and schedule a call with Sales.

Do I need to be certified to use Birkman?

To use Birkman reports, you must be The Birkman Method certified. This is simply because the information provided in our reports is robust and data-focused. The Birkman Method Certification course provides information about the scales and the implications of scores to help you facilitate better conversations. The Birkman Method Certification experience can be used toward International Coach Federation (ICF) – Continuing Coach Education (CCE) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – Professional Development Credits (PDCs).

If you would like to facilitate a High-Performing Teams workshop for your team, you must purchase a license, which will give you access to workshop materials and a long-term action plan for incorporating the concepts within the team.

If you do not want to get The Birkman Method Certification or purchase a High-Performing Teams license, you can work with one of our Birkman Certified Professionals by talking to our sales team.

You have a vision for your coaching practice. Bring it to life with Birkman.

With all the options on the market, the choice may seem complex. But with Birkman, it’s easy to know you’re on the way to growing your best business. 

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