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Explore the Birkman Colors with us during our panel. All colors and behaviors have their strengths; there is no good or bad color. And together, they can make a diverse, effective team and be beneficial to any organization. Learn what each color can look like in a workplace setting and how it affects collaboration, communication, and leadership.

Our panel consists of four Birkman employees who represent each of the four Usual Colors that affect how people show up in the world:

  • Rob Thompson is our Director of Sales and Marketing who will be representing Red Usual. He is someone who is action-oriented and likes practical results.
  • Torri Olanski is our Product Development and Innovation Manager and will be our Blue Usual. She is someone who is all about innovation and creativity.
  • Kelley Slack is our Senior Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and will be representing Yellow Usual. She is someone who loves systems and procedures.
  • Jorge Montemayor is our Research and Innovation Associate who will be our Green Usual. He is someone who desires to be around people and likes persuading.

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