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Whether you tend to be less assertive in communication or your preference is to work alone, it can be challenging to share your thoughts in meetings with extroverted, vocal team members. However, contributing in meetings is an important part in making your voice heard and gaining respect in an organization. 

That being said, there are situations where it is beneficial to step up and share your thoughts with your group, and other times when you may want to hold off on sharing. The next time you're in a meeting, use this graphic to analyze if you should be speaking up. Share with any introverts you know!

Reaching Further: Working in teams with diverse personalities often brings about greater creativity and more well-rounded solutions to different challenges. However, misunderstandings can easily arise in these situations. Personality assessments like The Birkman Method can be used to clarify misunderstanding and overcome communication challenges at workplace to bridge the gap between diverse personalities. Diving into external behavior, what one expects and Needs from their environment to be productive, and what motivates each individual, this social intelligence tool makes understanding differences easy to help a team perform at it's best. 

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