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Sometimes the filters through which we see the world blind us to the ways we can best show up for those who count on us in the workplace. MyBirkman helps every employee see the perspectives of others more more clearly, enabling them to appreciate those perspectives – and the ways those around them can uniquely contribute to team success through the lens of their personalities. 

Included with Birkman Enterprise, the MyBirkman technology platform simplifies the integration of Birkman insights into everyday work scenarios. It gives every employee – regardless of title or function – the on the spot and ongoing tools they need to harness personality as a lever for performance and stay consistently connected to the people they work with every day.

Daily Insights

Self-interpreted insights pave each employee’s path to professional development

Employees want career advancement, but they don’t always have the tools or guidance to actively participate in their own professional development. Lacking a clear path, they may unintentionally harm team dynamics, work in ineffective ways, or even leave your organization for one that provides better resources.

MyBirkman provides daily insights for every employee so they can own their personality, take control of their workday, and lean into behaviors that will get them noticed – in a good way.

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My Personality

Gives employees self-awareness around the key dimensions of their own nuanced personalities

With access to MyBirkman, every employee will understand the strengths they can unique contribute to team success, along with potential behavioral blind spots that could hold them back from professional success.

And by learning their workplace interests and unspoken needs, they’ll have greater insight into how to stay motivated in their role, communicate what they expect from their work environment, and minimize stress that can lead to burnout.

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Share and Compare

Helps employees connect more easily with their colleagues

We all have workplace interests, and it’s often through shared interests that peers most easily connect and communicate with each other. MyBirkman lends insight into interests employees might have in common – such as Literary or Administrative – so they can leverage those to have better conversations, meetings, and overall relationships.

And with MyBirkman’s visibility into the workplace needs of others, employees can adapt their behavior to best meet those needs in everyday interactions.

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Super Q

Gives instant awareness of how differently you and others see the world

While it’s common to think that differences always lead to conflict, they also offer significant opportunities for co-workers to complement each other’s strengths while they work towards a shared goal.

The SuperQ provides an at-a-glance understanding of how similar or different employees are, along with specific tips on how to adapt behaviors and quickly do good work together.

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Use Cases

Initiating a new project

Helps teams understand the unique contributions each employee can make to team success

Communicating with leadership

Highlights each leader’s communication preferences and interests so employees can deliver messages with confidence

Presenting to a large team

Provides guidance on how team members will best receive information based on their unique perceptions 

Working on a cross-functional team

Delivers at-a-glance insights for quick “personality onboarding” to jump start effective collaboration

Drafting emails to colleagues and management

Pinpoints how to best structure communication based on individual interests and needs

Getting to know new co-workers

Identifies personality similarities and differences so co-workers can more easily start off on the right foot together

Connections are everything. Let’s start with your workforce. 

With instant access to personality insights and behavioral guidance, every employee is equipped to be at their best and move your organization forward. 

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