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Improve relationships, engagement, and performance by helping your employees see the world differently. 

Turnover, disengagement, and productivity issues all add up to subtract from your bottom line. But when employees have the tools to stay connected, invested, and understood, they don’t just see the world differently. They begin to see work differently.

The result? Engaged employees who stay with you, teams that better collaborate, and organizations that consistently outperform expectations.

Elevate productivity

Help employees be their best, most productive selves in the workplace

Highlight each employee’s workplace needs

Maximizing every employee’s productivity comes down to minimizing their stress and recognizing their unique competitive advantages. It’s when we don’t have our needs met that we fall into the unproductive stress behaviors that can at best mask our strengths and at worst lead to burnout. Birkman Enterprise is the only organizational performance solution that identifies what every employee needs from their work environment to minimize stress and be their best, most productive selves.


Propel teams to consistently be at their best

Once employees become aware of their workplace needs – from preferred pace of work to desire for sensitive communication or being a voice in team decisions – they can share these needs with colleagues and leaders using the MyBirkman platform. Empowered with this data, teams can better support one another, recognize signs of stress, and be at their most productive. 

Reduce turnover

Keep employees where you need them – making a difference for your organization

Lower the collateral damage tied to turnover

The cost of turnover isn’t limited to investing corporate time and money to rehire and retrain for an open position. It also includes losing institutional knowledge, leaving opportunities on the table because you don’t have the staff to execute on them, and sinking morale from the teams watching their colleagues walk out the door. 

Help employees understand the links between personality and career advancement

Birkman data highlights the strengths each team member should continue to develop, along with situations in which these strengths could become blind spots that create a detour in their career path. But we go a step further to push customized, daily insights to every employee via MyBirkman, equipping them to truly own their personality and pave their unique career path.

Ignite engagement

Pinpoint how to help each employee stay motivated and connected at work

Uncover the needs and interests of each employee

What difference could it make in your organization if every employee actually liked showing up for work each day? Teams stay intact and on fire when they have the spark of engagement. But without work they actually find interesting, employees are a flight risk whose departure could leave your project grounded. 

Discover tailored ways to help employees feel valued 

The more employees feel uniquely heard and understood, the more engaged they become. Birkman insights reveal how to help employees lean into their strengths and get their workplace needs met so they feel genuinely recognized and appreciated.

Enhance collaboration

Help your organization maintain its competitive edge 

Without meaningful, robust collaboration across functions and teams, innovation stagnates, leaving companies more vulnerable to competitive threats and marketplace irrelevance. Without the workplace obstacles of low engagement and ineffective communication, teams turn frustration to collaboration and move forward with purpose.

Foster appreciation for diversity of thought

With Birkman Enterprise, every team at every level of your organization becomes aware of how individual perspectives must come together to shape organizational innovation. When there is an understanding that perceptions are not good or bad – they’re just different – defenses go down and collaboration goes up.

Improve communication

Reduce the ongoing cost of communication challenges

Helps teams stay aligned

Poor communication is costly for business. Duplicate work efforts, misalignment on strategy, and lack of clarity all add up to decrease a business’s bottom line. With so much at stake, it’s important to make sure teams communicate effectively -- from the recurring team meetings that fill the calendar each week to the one-time, high-stakes conversation that could make or break a project or relationship.

Fosters more constructive workplace interactions

Birkman helps teams understand their communication styles, and how to bridge the gaps between these styles so they can stay aligned and on track. And when every employee is able to more intentionally build trust, demonstrate respect, better influence, and create clarity, leaders spend less time resolving disputes and “getting back on track” and more time helping teams succeed.

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Birkman Enterprise brings the power of personality to life in everyday work scenarios.

Have better, more impactful meetings

Meetings are necessary for moving business forward, but they can be unproductive if not managed correctly. Birkman Enterprise helps teams quickly create alignment so they can maximize meeting productivity and minimize wasted time and frustration.

Enjoy more productive conversations with peers

Trust in the workplace often hinges on communication. With Birkman Enterprise, every employee has the tools they need to learn the communication preferences of their peers – meaning . conversations become more intentional and less likely lead to conflict.

Have better conversations between managers and employees 

Great managers provide individuals with the direction and support they need, motivate and align the team to meet its goals, and build future talent for the organization. Birkman enables managers to better understand their people, and in return, maximize their impact. 

Help employees to simply get along better

Most conflict in the workplace comes when employees see the same situation through different perspectives. With Birkman Enterprise, employees are equipped to better meet each other’s unspoken workplace needs while appreciating the differences in perception that help move projects forward more effectively.

Get teams on the same page and creating alignment 

Progress stalls when teams can’t work effectively when teams don’t know which direction to go. The Birkman Colors provide a useful way to approach problem-solving by “color coding” the issue or topic at hand. This categorization can help you orient your team in the right direction when solving problems and handling new opportunities.

Create a shared language and culture between employees 

Birkman is a language. The more people who speak it, the better they communicate, connect, and collaborate. With organization-wide access to Birkman Enterprise, and unlimited questionnaires, it’s easy for every employee to learn the language of personality. 

Ready to build a more connected workplace?

Birkman Enterprise provides the tools and resources to understand your people and transform their performance.

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Birkman Enterprise helps your L&D team scale the reach of development initiatives

Fostering employee development and creating positive change is very rewarding – but the ratio of the development team to overall headcount can make it challenging to touch the career path of every employee in a meaningful way. Birkman Enterprise can help.

A single assessment creates a shared language across departments, saving the time and energy OD and L&D teams might spend learning multiple tools. And self-interpreted insights mean that employees are empowered to consistently invest in their own professional development – leaving more time for OD and L&D to truly transform the company through team interventions and focused leadership coaching.

Birkman Enterprise supercharges L&D efforts with turnkey tools such as microlearnings and workshops that drive engagement, improve relationships, and help teams stay connected. 

Birkman Enterprise enables organization-wide transformation.

Front-Line Employees

The novice and mid-level employees are often the ones pushing projects through, but they’re not always first in line for the type of development that will help them stay engaged and pave the right development path.

With daily insights at their fingertips via the MyBirkman platform, these potential high-performers have the consistent guidance they need to energize their performance – without draining your L&D resources.

Team Leaders

It’s easy to give leaders an assessment and share the results. It’s harder to equip your leaders to quickly and consistently integrate the “a-ha moments” into their everyday team interactions.

Birkman Enterprise supplements individual personality insights with team workshops and other learning experiences to provide ongoing resources for leaders to best connect and serve their teams.

Cross-Functional Teams

When you bring people from different functional areas together, there’s always the potential for lost time and productivity as they learn how to best work with each other and move the project forward.

Birkman Enterprise provides quick, comprehensive “personality onboarding” for cross-functional team members so they immediately understand potential perceptual barriers and focus on the work at hand.


Your executives can only lead the organization effectively if they can communicate, collaborate, and minimize conflict within their ranks.

With Birkman Enterprise, you’ll have access to Birkman Certified Professionals on staff to provide individual coaching and guide discussions on leveraging personality in coming together to best lead the company forward.

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Put the language of personality to work for your organization.

Connect all of your teams to heighten engagement, hold on to people longer, and achieve consistently better business outcomes.

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