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The Valuable Insights of MBTI

The MBTI assessment is focused on measuring four primary areas of personality, and provides an interesting awareness for users about how they take in information, make decisions, and relate to the world around them.

While MBTI is easy for companies to implement due to the simplicity of its 16 personality type indicators, we believe a true understanding of perception goes far deeper. 

We’re More Than Self-Exploration

When looking to invest in organizational performance, it’s important that your investment is well-rounded and worth it.

Birkman’s focus is talent selection and alignment, talent development, team performance, and leadership development. We’ll help you hire the right person, develop self and others awareness, create high-performing teams that thrive, and help your leaders coach effectively.

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We Measure More

Type indicator tests do not measure traits. Instead they categorize personality types, which lacks prescriptive data that organizations and teams can use to make an impact.

Birkman is the only trait-based assessment to measure an individual’s needs. Though invisible to others, needs describe how we prefer to be treated, supported, and motivated. By pairing this data with interests, stressors, and strengths, you can gain a full understanding of each employee.

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We are Rooted in Positive Psychology

Some assessments overlook important factors that contribute to job success, motivation, and satisfaction. Some tend to infer that how you behave is what you need.

Birkman believes how you get results and how you perform or behave when you are comfortable in your environment is different for everyone–we all have our own unique strengths. We each see the world differently all through the power of perception.

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“There are over 14,000 teams at Intel, and we needed a tool to support teams that were forming, storming, and reforming. Birkman is such a powerful and versatile solution, helping teams improve communication, understanding and empathy for each other. I know it’s working when I hear teams start to joke with each other about their Birkman Colors or stress behaviors. Plus, Birkman’s support is fantastic. They make the teambuilding process easy!”

Cortney Rothman, Intel Leadership Coach and Assessment Product Manager

Birkman is a transformational experience that will serve you throughout your life. As a Master Certified Birkman Professional, I use it with my clients for everything from leadership development, career management and team building to selection and hiring. The Needs and Stress component is especially unique and helpful for clients who are adjusting to the ever-changing world of work.

Terry Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC Master Corporate Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant & Certified Coaching Supervisor

Foster better work at every stage of the employee lifecycle

The Birkman Signature Report provides you with data to choose the right candidate for the right seat, build collaborative teams, and create a culture of engagement through development. 

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Who Uses Birkman? 

Learning and Organizational Development Leaders

Job satisfaction isn’t one-size-fits-all, and employee engagement can have a ripple effect on an organization’s culture.

Birkman helps employees understand their unique interests and needs that may be lacking in a current role. We also help managers understand the motivators of their employees, improving morale and reducing turnover. 

HR and Recruitment Managers

Profiling ranges are becoming harder to use. Why? Because the roles of employees are changing and the need for knowledge workers is increasing. And you shouldn’t use intuition to prioritize the traits you think would be successful.

Birkman identifies a candidate’s natural strengths and interests, so you can select candidates based on motivation and satisfaction in a specific job role–all while selecting in, not out. Having this behavioral data and job analysis helps you better optimize talent and build high-performing teams.

Executives and Leaders

Birkman doesn’t fit an executive into a mold. Our data gives leaders and executives the deep self-awareness they need to guide teams with excellence.

Helping executives understand themselves in a social context opens discussions in an unbiased, factual manner, resulting in constructive conversations that drive change.

Teams and Cross-Functional Teams

Sometimes conflict impedes performance and development. You just need the right tool to help teams work at their highest level.

That’s where Birkman comes in. All teams have the potential to turn into a high-performing team. By helping teams understand perceptual gaps, leverage each other’s strengths, and create an environment of psychological safety, you can maximize effectiveness and collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Birkman Method report on biases?

We instruct all Signature Certification participants about the importance of unwaveringly interpreting The Birkman Method results with uniformity, irrespective of one's racial or religious background.

Can you provide information about the validity and reliability of The Birkman Method?

The Birkman Method assessment is reliable. The assessment's high test-retest reliability ensures consistent results over time, while its high internal consistency reliability reflects strong correlations among the assessment's questions, yielding reliable measurement of traits. These two types of reliability establish the assessment's overall accuracy and dependability.

The Birkman Method assessment is also valid. The assessment's content covers the intended construct domains of interest through research-based development, ensuring content validity. It demonstrates its face validity through the subjective evaluation of the constructs measured by its respondents. Additionally, the assessment demonstrates convergent construct validity and divergent construct validity, respectively, by positively correlating with similar measures and negatively correlating with measures of unrelated constructs. Lastly, The Birkman Method has criterion-related validity through established relationships with various work-related outcomes, such as job performance, career satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and team dynamics. These five types of validity together establish the assessment's overall validity.

What are the key differences between The Birkman Method and MBTI assessments?

Birkman is used in many applications, including talent selection and alignment, talent development, leadership development, and team performance. It is the only assessment to measure social perceptions or what we call your needs. You’ll also get data on personality factors, interests, and career alignment. We’re a trait-based assessment that measures behaviors and provides prescriptive insights.

MBTI is used in many applications, including career guidance, talent development, leadership development, and team performance. The assessment is an indictor of type test and categorizes based on preference or type. 

While we align our assessment with the Five-Factor Model, MBTI aligns theirs with the Jungian Typology framework.

How can I get certified in The Birkman Method?

Birkman Signature Certification covers Birkman concepts and provides you with information on how to lead a Birkman conversation with others. 

You can find more information about Signature Certification here.

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