The Birkman Method is a leading behavioral and occupational assessment with many applications, including leadership development, team building, career exploration, talent selection, and sales and negotiation. With more than 60 years of use, The Birkman Method has touched millions of lives, helping people increase their emotional intelligence, become better communicators, and realize their passions in life.

Below is our video library of real Birkman certified consultants sharing their stories of how The Birkman Method impacted how they do business.

Leadership Development



Self-Awareness for Leaders


Giving Feedback to the CEO


Find the Way to Support Them


Disarming Conflict Between Leaders



Team Building


Increase the Speed of Innovation


Discovering a Better Direction


Great for Technical People


Improving the Efficiency of Teams



Career Exploration


Discover Your True Calling


Bloom Where You’re Planted


Transformational Insights


Birkman Changes Lives


Developing Courage & Joy


Taking It Changed My Life


Finding Your Passion



Talent Selection


Finding a Winner for Your Team


Sales & Negotiation


Invest in People


Speed Up the Understanding Process

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