Kelly D. Bean
Kelly D. Bean
Darden School Foundation Executive Education at University of Virginia Darden School of Business

President and CEO

"The Birkman Method is a tool that provides awareness, understanding, and wisdom for anyone on a learning journey.

The power of the Birkman is its ability to make sense of the stories we tell of our interactions with others, which forms the basis of who we are and how we act."

Pablo Cruz

Deputy Manager of HR Development Office

"We’ve found the Birkman Method to be an invaluable tool to help teams resolve internal conflicts, and to allow individuals to identify their own communication style and work through how they work best with others."

Susan Diamond
Susan Diamond
Women Presidents' Organization

VP and Chief Learning Officer

"The Birkman gives work groups measurable data to see behavior objectively, rather than personally, leading to productive discussion and change."

Marisse Farnos
Marisse Farnos
Houston Methodist

Senior Organizational Development Consultant

"I've been using the Birkman methodology for around 10 yrs. both at my current position and also before as PI consultant at MD Anderson cancer center.

It is a very reliable and eye opening methodology that has and still is supporting us with tools to empower and develop our leaders. We use it a lot to understand personal as well as team dynamics from usual behaviors, motivators and preventive/prescriptive work around stress. It also provides specific and valuable tools to enhance dialogue and guide coaching initiatives.

The Birkman Methodology is one of the most important and valuable instruments that we use."

Byron M. Hebert
Byron M. Hebert
Pannell Kerr Forster, P.C.


"We have been using Birkman in The Firm (PKF Texas, P.C.) for over twelve years. Every new hire from the position of manager and above is required to complete a Birkman profile.

The benefits the firm has received in the terms of coaching, mentoring, and team building, from using Birkman have been tremendous.

Three years ago, as the director in charge of consulting, I started using the Birkman program with my clients in an effort to improve the implementation likelihood of the recommendations we were making to our clients. Without a team building and team engineering component to our efforts; some recommendations were not being completed because of our lack of focus on the "human" element.

Birkman has been instrumental in improving the implementation process as well as improving the client relationship and experience. I am proud to be a Birkman Senior Consultant and will continue to use Birkman to enhance my working relationship not only at The Firm but also with my clients."

Janice Hale Harris
Janice Hale Harris
Waste Management

Senior Learning and Leadership Development Consultant

"The Birkman has been so impactful in my life because often someone would ask me what I was most passionate about. I would always tell them what I thought they wanted to hear.

After I took my Birkman and realized the things that I'm really most passionate about in my interests, I realized that people really wanted to know what I resonated with most. The response was completely different than what I thought people would say.

People then saw who I really am, what I was really bringing to the table, and it made me more comfortable being who I am in every setting – and I love the Birkman just for that."

Peter Topping, PhD
Peter Topping, PhD
Emory University

Associate Professor of Practice Organization & Management

"Birkman provides inside insights that you can’t create in the classroom.

'Developing Principal Leaders for Global Enterprise' is our school motto. Birkman is the primary instrument for doing just this. Even better, some students - the leaders we are developing - bring Birkman to their company.”

Steve Lufburrow
Steve Lufburrow


"It's critical to know the things that make a person tick.

Once you understand the individuals you work with each day, you can give greater opportunity to your employees and create a more powerful team.

The Birkman Method provides thought-provoking insights and understanding."

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Price M. Cobbs
Pacific Management Solutions

President and CEO

"A data-driven workplace assessment that enables people to identify and discard long-held negative assumptions about job and career success.

It also provides a lens through which managers and supervisors can challenge stereotypes about who can or can't add value to a team or organization."

Lynn Elaydo
Lynn Elaydo
Hawaiian Electric Company

Birkman Certified Facilitator, Human Resources

"Our companies have chosen the Birkman Method as our primary resource for executive coaching, leadership and employee development, and team building.

We use a variety of Birkman reports to tailor discussions with our employees to promote self-awareness and encourage team effectiveness. Our partnership with Birkman International is a valuable component in our strategy to develop and enable employees to reach their professional and personal goals."

Blue Cross
Kevin Wyatt
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Manager - Leadership Development

"We use emotional intelligence as the basis for most of our work, and Birkman ties in very well with emotional intelligence.

I believe I am more emotionally intelligent now than I was before – personally – as I've also been able to use it outside of work, within families, friends, and just having discussions about needs and strengths and nonproductive behaviors... just the awareness and the understanding.

Even if someone has not taken the Birkman, having that conversation with them will increase and improve the dynamics between you and the people you interface with."

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Tom Massey
Large Independent Energy Company in Oklahoma

Leadership Strategist

"We chose the Birkman Method® because of the depth of research put into the assessment, which allows for the greatest understanding and insight into the “what” and “why” of human behavior.

We currently utilize the Birkman as an incredibly effective tool for raising both individual and team awareness of interests, usual styles, needs, and stress behaviors to leverage individual strengths and optimize team performance."

Matthew Gosney, Ed.D.
Matthew Gosney, Ed.D.
Hillcrest HealthCare System

Director, Organizational Development

"The Birkman Method has become a fundamental aspect of how our organization grows talent.

We have used it extensively in Leadership Development, as well as in other Organizational Development functions like new team start-up and new leader integration. We have even partnered with Birkman International to conduct predictive research on our talent – data that can be leveraged in a variety of ways.

The Birkman Method was an obvious choice for us because it marries practical and approachable results content with validated and academically-rigorous personality research. Many other assessments err on one side or the other – either too obtuse to be useful or too simple to be trusted.

In using the Birkman we’ve found a tool that allows us to have profound, impactful conversations with our people about how best to work with others and how to get the most out of their own inherent talents and interests. I’d recommend it to any organization looking for ways to maximize and grow their people."