A Deeper Look

The Birkman Method® is distinct in the personality assessment field due to its established history, focus on positive psychology, detailed reporting, and ability to detect underlying needs. There are countless uses of the data produced by the assessment – both in work and personal life – for understanding yourself and others. Expanding on this information, Birkman has developed eBooks and white papers that examine the concepts that matter most to us most in our relationships.

Birkman eBook


The eBooks developed by Birkman dive into some of the topics that impact our lives: workplace communication, trends in the workforce, company culture, career exploration, and even personal relationships. The Birkman Blog is a great place to see more articles on these topics as well.
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Birkman Team Building eBook 1

The Ultimate Guide to Using
Assessments for Team Building

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Birkman Team eBook 2

Choosing the Right Assessment
for Team Building

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Birkman Team eBook 3

Why Birkman is the Best
for Team Building

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How Generational Differences
Impact Organizations & Teams

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White Papers

The white papers listed below have been developed by the Birkman research department and feature scientific and technical information about The Birkman Method assessment. If you are interested in learning more about our research, visit: Research Philosophy or Publications and Presentations.

Data Fact Sheet: Distribution of
Respondents Across Demographics

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