Inspirational Uses of The Birkman Method®

Transforming an organization for the better isn’t an easy task, and it starts with growing the most important asset – the human capital. The case studies on this page are examples of organizations (businesses, non-profits, educational institutions) that have developed their human capital by improving communication, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness among their team members.

The Birkman Method assesses more facets of human personality – including usual behaviors, interests, needs, stress behaviors, and occupational preferences – with just one questionnaire. Such deep insights can be used in many ways.

It’s not unusual for a business starting with Birkman to initially plan on using it for one application within one department but then expand to using it for many applications across the entire organization.

Emory University Goizueta Business School
Using The Birkman Method to Develop
Emotionally Intelligent Leaders in MBA Candidates

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Using The Birkman Method to Preserve and Enrich
Company Culture During Times of Rapid Growth

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If you are using Birkman at your organization and are interested in coordinating with Birkman for a case study, please reach out to our team.