Teams are the Future.

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High-Performing Teams Panel: Rebuilding a Winning Team Culture

High-Performing Teams Panel

Learn how Birkman’s High-Performing Teams: Building the Foundation workshop can change the landscape of your organization—one team at a time. The panelists will share some of the fascinating insights and incredible outcomes they have seen from implementing this workshop in teams on all sides of the globe. Together they have facilitated over 125 High-Performing Teams sessions and are excited to share how they’ve inspired new cultures rooted in purpose, clarity, and psychological safety, and ultimately, how they empowered organizations and leaders to intentionally rebuild a foundation for future success.

Why Perception and Adaptability are The Buzzwords for 2023

Why Perception and Adaptability are The Buzzwords for 2023 and What This Means for Your Organization

Two things are certain as we look at 2023: the future of work is teams, and the only thing constant is change. High-performing cross-functional and project-based teams have become key as companies face issues and opportunities bigger than any one leader or department alone. Personal and team-level adaptability, therefore, become critical power skills to promote across the organization as you approach 2023. Join us to gain strategies to help your employees embrace an adaptive mindset, build teams to thrive in an environment of constant change, and hear Birkman’s perspective on how personality plays a role in the equation and what you can do about it.