U.S. Registration for Birkman Certification

Become a part of the network of life coaches, organizational development professionals, human resources professionals, executive coaches, business consultants, career advisors, relationship therapists, and others that use The Birkman Method® to change lives and organizations for the better.certification training

The Birkman Method Certification Training in the U.S. is a three-day classroom training to help professionals become experts in analyzing and interpreting results from The Birkman Method assessment. During those three days, you’ll learn from highly experienced Birkman consultants, gain confidence in Birkman Component scales, and lead a a full feedback session.

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What Certification Includes


  • 2 free Birkman questionnaires
  • Signature Certification Manual
  • Birkman Signature Companion Guide
  • Free account activation (BirkmanDirect)
  • Educational and marketing resources
  • Weekly email tips from Birkman

Birkman Certification Training Schedule (U.S.)

Click on a date below to see details of that training event.

january 2017

24jan - 26jan 248:30 amjan 26Birkman Signature Certification - Session FullHouston, TX

february 2017

7feb - 9feb 78:30 amfeb 9Birkman Signature Certification - Limited Seats LeftHouston, TX

22feb - 24feb 228:30 amfeb 24Faith-Based Signature CertificationHouston, TX

march 2017

14mar - 16mar 148:30 ammar 16Birkman Signature CertificationNew York, NY

22mar - 24mar 228:30 ammar 24Birkman Signature CertificationAtlanta, GA

29mar - 31mar 298:30 ammar 31Birkman Signature CertificationDenver, CO

april 2017

19apr - 21apr 198:30 amapr 21Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

may 2017

3may - 5may 38:30 ammay 5Birkman Signature CertificationCincinnati, OH

10may - 12may 108:30 ammay 12Faith-Based Signature CertificationHouston, TX

17may - 19may 178:30 ammay 19Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

17may - 19may 178:30 ammay 19Birkman Signature CertificationNashville, TN

june 2017

14jun - 16jun 148:30 amjun 16Birkman Signature CertificationDenver, CO

21jun - 23jun 218:30 amjun 23Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

july 2017

12jul - 14jul 128:30 amjul 14The Birkman Method CertificationPhiladelphia, PA

19jul - 21jul 198:30 amjul 21Faith-Based Signature CertificationHouston, TX

26jul - 28jul 268:30 amjul 28Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

august 2017

9aug - 11aug 98:30 amaug 11Birkman Signature CertificationAtlanta, GA

16aug - 18aug 168:30 amaug 18Birkman Signature CertificationSeattle, WA

23aug - 25aug 238:30 amaug 25Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

september 2017

13sep - 15sep 138:30 amsep 15Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

20sep - 22sep 208:30 amsep 22Birkman Signature CertificationChicago, IL

october 2017

18oct - 20oct 188:30 amoct 20Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

25oct - 27oct 258:30 amoct 27Birkman Signature CertificationPortland, OR

november 2017

8nov - 10nov 88:30 amnov 10Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

15nov - 17nov 158:30 amnov 17Birkman Signature CertificationLas Vegas, NV

december 2017

6dec - 8dec 68:30 amdec 8Birkman Signature CertificationOrlando, FL

6dec - 8dec 68:30 amdec 8Birkman Signature CertificationHouston, TX

january 2018

No Events