Expand Your Access

Birkman reports can be used in many ways – from a one-time team building workshop to every stage of the employee life cycle.

In order to yield all of the benefits The Birkman Method has to offer, interpreting reports with a Certified Birkman Professional is essential. For this reason, organizations that are looking to fully leverage the insights Birkman provides should either hire an independent consultant or build out Birkman capabilities in-house.

Both independent consultants as well as professionals within organizations attend Birkman certification training. Often people specializing in human resources, organizational development, training, and other fields that focus on human capital attend our courses, as well as others that have a passion for understanding personalities and behavior.


Develop Interpretation Skills

Birkman Certification Training is multi-day course led by a Certified Birkman Trainer with expertise in providing applied Birkman feedbacks.

Many of our scheduled courses take place at the Birkman headquarters in Houston, but courses are also available throughout the United States and internationally.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll have unlimited access to Birkman reports and resources, including the ability to run Birkman Signature Suite report formats. You’ll join the network of thousands of Birkman Certified Professionals around the world – and have a deeper awareness of the people around you.



Benefits of Becoming Certified

Becoming certified in The Birkman Method opens the door for countless possibilities for independent consultants and corporate users. Our multi-faceted reports offer a full range of options for applications in both individual and group settings. After getting your certification, you will have both increased distinction within your field and expanded reporting capabilities for more comprehensive personality analysis.

As a Birkman Certified Professional, you’ll gain:

  • The ability to interpret relational components and underlying needs
  • Options for comparative and group data analysis
  • Unlimited access to full Birkman reports (including Birkman Signature Suite reports)
  • Membership to the Birkman network of consultants – with access to support groups and resources
  • A notable certification to add to your resume
  • Knowledge from highly experienced Birkman experts


Looking to Attend?

Please access the following links to view dates and locations for The Birkman Method Certification training:

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