Toolkits With Birkman

Birkman offers 2-hour team building toolkits that strengthen communication and collaboration across teams throughout all levels of an organization. Since each of our toolkits do the heavy-lifting for you, you can focus on what you do best: engaging the team and unleashing success!

The benefits of the Birkman at Work toolkits include:

  • On-boarding new team members or strengthening the dynamics within an existing team.
  • Illuminating how different personality types approach relationships and tasks in the workplace, and why each personality type is necessary for team success.
  • Increasing group synergy by understanding how contrasting or conflicting styles effectively work together.
  • Enabling team members to gain insight into their motivators and needs, which are at the core of self- and others-awareness.

If you are looking to drive performance and take your team from misunderstanding to mastering, explore our Birkman at Work toolkits or talk to a Birkman expert today.