Stop selling. Start understanding.

Whether you lead a sales organization, have an indirect impact on revenue generation, or are a manager, accountant, or student, we all sell every day. We sell ideas, products, experiences, and our own personal brand. We negotiate with our colleagues, clients, vendors, and (especially) spouses on a daily basis.

No matter who you are or what you sell, your success is based on the ability to understand the needs of your audience and to help them satisfy those needs. Sales is about building trust and being able to communicate value. Since all of us are unique, the way in which we naturally and effectively achieve these goals is, and should be, tailored to our own strengths and personalities, as well as the needs of others.


Why should I use Birkman
for Sales and Negotiation?

Birkman enables you to leverage your personality so that others get the most out of their sales experience with you.

Greater self-understanding allows you to better understand your own natural sales style. Greater understanding of others allows you to adjust your natural approach for improved communication with your audience for greater sales effectiveness. The directness, emotions, and authority you exhibit should all be tailored to the person you are talking to, based on how comfortable they appear to be.

It is especially important for salespeople to use the insights that Birkman provides because sales people need to:

  • Be hyper-aware and perceptive of themselves and others
  • Understand how they may view the world differently than others
  • Ask questions to understand other people’s interests and usual behaviors
  • Ask questions to understand other people’s needs and expectations of others
  • Leverage their strengths, allowing them to feel more confident
  • Identify what triggers their stress and where their vulnerabilities lie
  • Know the typical behaviors and interests of people in different job families and departments


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How can I use Birkman
for Developing Sales and Negotiation Skills?

Birkman reveals your interests in persuasion, social services, incentives, and many other key metrics that will affect your sales motivation. Knowing how you are motivated and how you approach negotiation is a competitive advantage that all sales people should leverage. You may learn that you have a technical and structured approach to selling, as opposed to a more relationship-based approach.

Using your natural sales process will help you feel at ease and more confident when selling to others. You can use Birkman to help tailor every stage of your sales process, highlighting your strengths and giving you the opportunity to properly address potential challenges.

Other ways you can use Birkman in Sales and Negotiation are to:

  • Develop strategies that will leverage your natural strengths
  • Customize your sales process
  • Better connect and understand different personality types
  • Understand how you are motivated to make the sales
  • Improve your confidence
  • Become aware of natural tendencies that may be hurting your sales
  • Receive a helpful guide for your sales manager
  • See how you may see things differently than your audience


How do I get started
with Birkman for Sales and Negotiation?

To get started with Birkman for your sales career or to enhance your negotiation style, there are two different product solutions that will give you the insights and support you need:

Birkman Signature Suite is our certified product option that includes 40+ reports to use with your team. The Birkman Signature Suite includes our advanced reports that will provide in-depth analysis and insights for your sales journey.

Birkman Basics Report is our core, non-certified report that can be readily and easily incorporated into any organization.  The Birkman Basics Report is a robust first step in the world of Birkman that introduces many of our flagship concepts such as the Birkman Map, Symbols, Usual Behavior, Stress Behavior, Needs, Interests, and career data.

For questions, more information, or to get started with Birkman, please contact us.