Reading Beyond the Résumé

From sifting through résumés and cover letters to tackling endless interviews, the hiring process has proven to be a long road to finding the ideal candidate. You can read about accomplishments and experiences, yet skill should not be the only factor in the hiring and selection process.

Ideal candidates should not only have impressive technical skills and industry knowledge. They should have the personality and passion to feel comfortable in their role and have a true interest in the functions of their role. Passion results in more satisfied and motivated employees. When coupled with the correct skill set, organizations will see these employees continuously thrive in their roles – decreasing your employee turnover, increasing your productivity, and bettering your company culture.

Hiring for personality, passion, and skill results in more qualified and satisfied employees – this is the art and science of talent selection.


Why should I use Birkman
for Talent Selection?

Birkman provides data to help you select candidates with the personality and passion to drive success in your organization. Birkman reaches into the strengths, interests, and underlying needs that, when met, are the key to job motivation and satisfaction. Because we measure needs, we can better point out potential areas of conflict, or see if a manager has traits suited to lead current teams and employees. Hiring the best, most fitting candidate will not only improve your company growth, but it will mitigate the unnecessary expenses associated with turnover and unproductivity.


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Finding a Winner for Your Team


How can I use Birkman
as a Selection and Hiring Assessment?

Recruiters and HR professionals can use Birkman as a supplementary tool during the hiring process. Birkman believes that everyone is equipped with a unique set of strengths. We also acknowledge that in different environments, some employees likely will be more or less successful than others.

For example, let’s say you are reviewing our Birkman Interests and Birkman Map reports. When hiring an accountant, you would expect to see high Numerical and Administrative Interests, with a natural inclination towards task-oriented activities. On the other hand, if you are hiring a sales representative, you would expect the candidate to have high Persuasive Interests and enjoy people-oriented activities.

By comparing a candidate’s profile to those in different job families, you can see how fitting an individual is for various careers. This comparison provides many areas for discussion during the interview process, depending on whether the person “looks like” a typical person in that role.

You can use Birkman for Talent Selection to ensure that:

  • The candidate’s interests are aligned with the functions of the position
  • The candidate’s personality is suited for the nature of the position
  • The candidate will be motivated and fulfilled by the position
  • The candidate’s needs will be met by the work environment and organizational culture


How do I get started
with Birkman for Talent Selection?

To get started using Birkman in your hiring and selection process, there are two different product solutions that will give you the insights you need:

Birkman Signature Suite is our certified product option that includes more than 40 reports. The Birkman Signature Suite includes our advanced reports that will provide in-depth analysis and insights into your potential hires. Since Birkman can be used through all stages of the employee life cycle, once you’ve introduced Birkman into your selection process, you can use different reports from the Signature Suite for other employee development areas, such as Team Building, Leadership and Sales and Negotiation.

Birkman Basics Report is our core, non-certified report that can be readily and easily incorporated into your selection process. This option is a robust first step in the world of Birkman and includes the Birkman Interests Report and Birkman Map Report, as well as an introduction to many basics Birkman concepts such as Symbols, Usual Behavior, Stress Behavior, Needs, Interests, and career data.

For questions, more information, or to get started with Birkman, please contact us.


Important Note:

It is  always  important  that  information  from  The  Birkman  Method is used in combination with a candidate’s experience, references, education, and interviews. This will ensure the most educated and well- rounded hiring decision.  Never use Birkman’s data as the only reference point for hiring purposes.