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Our team is excited to share our new product careertyping with the Birkman family! careertyping is a powerful assessment that enables individuals exploring career pathways to determine their own strengths, hidden motivators, and social expectations to bring greater clarity to one of life’s more consequential decisions. We do this by matching your personalized results to thousands of data points from real people in the workplace. Easy, insightful, reliable, and powerful, careertyping helps you explore the best options for sustainable career satisfaction and long-term success, in a matter of minutes.

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Performing Meaningful Work

At every stage in life, there’s a chance to explore career opportunities.

Whether it’s choosing your college major, transitioning into a new role, or looking for a new passion during retirement, everyone wants to be in a position where they are performing meaningful and satisfying work. As humans, we are wired to seek purposeful work and experiences that resonate with who we are and the unique interests we possess.

Being in tune with your personality and passions is important to begin exploring different career avenues. Self-assessment is a valuable way to clarify your career direction and capitalize on the innate preferences that contribute to job satisfaction. When empowered by this knowledge, you will be able to navigate your way towards the best role and workplace for you.

Why should I use Birkman for Career Development?

Birkman provides career insights that are reflective of your unique personality. Through your results from The Birkman Method, we can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the career options that are best fitting to your natural strengths, how you are motivated, and what interests you in a career.

Birkman is unique in that we assess both behavioral and occupational data in one assessment – so you can not only understand which careers are attractive to you but how you would act in those roles. Birkman helps confirm the career decisions you are making, provides alternative career choices and builds your personal awareness of the strengths, motivators, and working environments that will help you succeed. These insights can be used as a guide for exploring the career options that hold the highest potential for your satisfaction.

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How can I use Birkman
for Career Exploration?

Birkman ranks 22 job families and the associated job titles based on the similarities and differences of your unique profile. These job titles are linked online to O*Net, the nation’s primary source of occupational information, enabling you to further explore career possibilities. More specifically, you can use Birkman for career development to:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Set development goals
  • Make wiser career transitions
  • Plan for a secondary career


How do I get started
with Birkman for Career Development?

To get started with Birkman for your next career decision, discover our Career Exploration Report:

The Career Exploration Report is derived from data gathered from The Birkman Method assessment and is designed to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the career options that are your best fit. Your report can help confirm career choices you are making, show you alternative career choices and build your personal awareness of the strengths, motivators and working environments that will help you succeed.

For questions about the Career Exploration Report or how to get started with Birkman, please contact us.