Understanding and Empowering

If you’re eager to get started on your next team building activity and don’t have any time to spare, then Birkman Insights is the tool for your organization.

Birkman Insights is our self-interpreted, 100% text-based report. It is an effective tool for developing dialogue between individuals, as well as for two-person and group comparisons. This tool will allow you to not only understand your employees, but also empower them to be the best versions of themselves.


Powerful and Efficient

Birkman Insights is based on the results from The Birkman Method behavioral assessment, allowing you to easily understand what makes an individual’s behavior and style different than those around them. By focusing on the intensities of their personality, you can quickly understand what makes someone unique and make stark group comparisons.

This report allows you to quickly understand individual and team dynamics, provides tips on how to coach others, and ultimately know how to see the world through someone else’s eyes.


Why Birkman Insights?

  • Introductory exposure to Birkman
  • Self-interpretive and easy to understand
  • Stress-free way to enable quick dialog
  • Only focuses on an individual’s “intense scores” from The Birkman Method
  • Useful if budgetary or time constraints mitigate against using the Birkman Signature Suite

Our corporate clients love Birkman Insights due to its powerful group comparisons as well as its ability to be easily implemented and interpreted. With more than 25 different reporting topics to choose from, below we’ve identified the Top 10 Birkman Insights Topics from our corporate clients.

10 most popular topics:

  • Biggest mistakes
  • Your possible challenges
  • How to talk to you
  • How you incentivize others
  • How you influence others
  • Your strengths
  • Your leadership style
  • Accountability
  • Organizational fit
  • Handling conflict


The topics included in Birkman Insights are generated by The Birkman Method behavioral assessment.

If you wish, your organization can upgrade to receive our advanced reports in the future in order to use Birkman in more applications or reach further into current initiatives. The Birkman Signature Suite provides more than 40 reports that can be generated based on the same data from The Birkman Method behavioral assessment used in Birkman Insights.

For more information or to get started with The Birkman Method, please contact us.