A Straightforward Solution to Complex Problems

Powered by The Birkman Method® behavioral assessment, the Birkman Basics Suite enables your organization to work better together. Birkman Basics Suite is our readily accessible report format that provides the core behavioral and occupational insights needed for every individual and organization.

Birkman is a tool for better understanding yourself, better understanding others, and helping other people better understand you.

Birkman Basics Suite quickly and easily integrates into organizational training, team activities, and hiring processes, as the reports can be self-interpreted. The reports do not require Birkman certification training, allowing anyone to be qualified to provide a feedback. With Birkman Basics, you can administer the assessment as soon as your company or team is ready!

The data helps you uncover the hidden talents and motivations driving the people in your organization. You’ll better understand yourself and better understand others, allowing for more responsive relationships and synergistic teams.

Examples of uses:

  • Team Building
  • Talent Selection
  • Career Exploration
  • Personal Relationships
  • Conflict Management


Reports included in Birkman Basics Suite:

  • Lifestyle Grid and Lifestyle Group Grid
  • Areas of Interest Report
  • Career Management Report
  • Birkman on Demand Topics


The reports included in the Birkman Basics Suite are generated by The Birkman Method behavioral assessment.

If you wish in the future, your organization can upgrade at any time to receive our advanced Birkman Signature Suite reports in order to use Birkman in more applications or reach further into current initiatives. The Birkman Signature Suite provides more than 40 reports that can be generated based on the data from the same questionnaire.

For more information or to get started with The Birkman Method, please contact us.