Matthew Gosney, Ed.D.

"The Birkman Method has become a fundamental aspect of how our organization grows talent. We have used it extensively in Leadership Development, as well as in other Organizational Development functions like new team start-up and new leader integration. We have even partnered with Birkman International to conduct predictive research on our talent – data that can be leveraged in a variety of ways. The Birkman Method was an obvious choice for us because it marries practical and approachable results content with validated and academically-rigorous personality research. Many other assessments err on one side or the other – either too obtuse to be useful or too simple to be trusted. In using the Birkman we’ve found a tool that allows us to have profound, impactful conversations with our people about how best to work with others and how to get the most out of their own inherent talents and interests. I’d recommend it to any organization looking for ways to maximize and grow their people."