birkman inventing personality test

Forbes: How I Invented a New Kind of Personality Test

In 2010, Dr. Roger Birkman, founder of The Birkman Method®, wrote a piece for Forbes that walks through how he developed the assessment, how it’s different than other behavioral assessments, and how it was a challenge bringing a personality test to companies in the 1950s. This article is a must-read because it explains, in Dr. Birkman’s words, the evolution of Birkman over the decades and his motivations for developing the assessment.

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Executive MBA Students Juggle Careers

WSJ: Executive MBA Students Juggle Careers, Family Life

The Wall Street journal interviewed directors of EMBA programs across the country regarding the stress that students endure while studying. Executive MBA students juggle careers, home life, and coursework – a seemingly impossible about amount of commitment. It’s not unusual for EMBA students to face increased competition for their executive positions at work when they are absent for their studies, and the additional 20 to 30 hours of work spent studying each week cuts deeply into restorative time spent with family. To prepare students and their families for the inevitable stresses of their EMBA program, the Goizeta Business School at Emory University uses The Birkman Method® assessment to help students become aware of their own Stress Behavior.

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birkman inventing personality test

Forbes: Managing a Downsized Team

In this article, Forbes examines the effect that downsizing can have on team morale and the challenges that face executives as they lead a downsized team. The article interviews several management consultants as well as Sharon Birkman Fink, President and CEO of Birkman.

Sharon shares her insights into why managers should be sensitive to the needs of their team during the stressful times of layoffs, including team members that are kept on. During times of uncertainty, the roller coaster of losing your colleagues, hearing rumors, and then being kept on staff can take its toll on even the most dedicated employees.

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Executive MBA Students Juggle Careers

WSJ: Using Self Reflection to Decide on the Next Career Move

Wall Street Journal contributor Carmen Wong found herself between jobs during the recession in 2009. In her article, she discusses how time away from working can have a silver lining – it can be an opportunity to self-reflect and look at your long term goals for your life. She recommends taking a personality assessment such as The Birkman Method® to look at your own behaviors and motivations to better align yourself in preparation for your next career move.

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new york times

New York Times: Dilbert the Inquisitor

Contributing New York Times writer Lisa Belkin wrote an article about her experiences taking several leading personality assessments, including The Birkman Method®. Belkin reflects on the reasons the assessment field is experiencing growth, the differences between the assessments, and the similarities between the results. The article includes quotes from Sharon Birkman Fink, President and CEO of Birkman, who provided a feedback session directly with Ms. Belkin.

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Inc. Magazine: Testing, Testing…

The popular business magazine Inc. has written about the value of psychological and personality assessments in the hiring process for potential employees. The article mentions The Birkman Method® and includes quotes from both independent consultants and CEOs that are using our assessment to improve teamwork and hiring practices.

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