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Innovation is at the core of the Birkman mission.

Dr. Birkman developed The Birkman Method® after realizing no other personality assessments addressed the underlying needs of an individual and gave the full picture of their personality. His innovations in the assessment field stemmed from a genuine desire to improves peoples’ lives through the use of psychological insights.

Birkman innovative behavioral assessmentsEver since our founding, each decade has brought new advancements to Birkman assessments, reports, usability, and applications.

We have a deep commitment to scientific reliability and validity that is evidenced in our reporting products and ensured by our development team.


Our guiding research philosophy is to:

  1. Provide empirically-based assessments and research services with the highest scientific rigor
  2. Provide empowering psychological assessments for improving:
        a. the welfare and success of a person’s life and career
        b. the relationships between people inside and outside of work
        c. the productivity and health of organizations and their workforces
  1. Publish research findings through research with industry and academia

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Reliability & Validity

When assessment results impact the outcomes for workers and their organizations the reliability and validity of the assessment is critically important. Since 1951, Birkman has been committed to developing and delivering assessments that demonstrate both and adhere to the best practices as directed by organizational psychology.

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Publications & Presentations

We, along with our research collaborators, publish and present research findings in peer-reviewed journals, white papers, and conference presentations.

In collaboration with industry and academia, we continue the development of current and new assessments, and publish workplace research findings ranging from recruitment to retirement.

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To ask questions or provide comments concerning our research, please contact us.